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5 Places in Parañaque worth visiting this season

Many may claim to have seen the entirety of this highly urbanized city called Parañaque, but what they don’t know is that it is also rich in culture, history, heritage and unique handy crafts. Here are 5 worthy places to visit if you don’t want to leave the metro during this season.

Bulungan Seafood Market

If you are into seafood dishes for the holidays, the Bulungan Seafood Market offers you all the seafood you desire. Once there, you’ll notice an army of restaurant owners, wholesalers and other shoppers haggling for the lowest prices of seafood by whispering to each other, which is why it’s called bulungan. The bidding starts as early as 3 AM and the seller will close the bidding to whoever gives an acceptable, well, “reasonable” price.

This kind of gimmick is quite unique and it is the only market where you need to be calm and quiet to win the bid. The bulungan part may seem to look easy, but it is not.

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Who would have thought that Parañaque has a hidden gem like LPPCHEA?

Amid the city’s hustle and bustle lies a beautiful sanctuary for temporary tranquility. LPPCHEA or Las Piñas – Parañaque Critical Habitat and Ecotourism Area is the first-ever critical habitat area in the country. It is a protected area spanning the cities of Las Piñas and Parañaque and is composed of two primary islands: Freedom Island and Long Island. Freedom Island is in the northern part of LPPCHEA in Parañaque, an artificial island that consists primarily of loam and dredge material pulled by the bay and nearby lands, while the latter is a smaller island under the jurisdiction of Las Piñas.

LPPCHEA has swamps that are home to 41 migratory bird species from China, Japan and Siberia. You can also see one of the few remaining mangrove forests in Metro Manila, which is the Nilad.

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Saint Andrew Cathedral

Aside from being known as the religious city because of Baclaran church, you can also find in Parañaque the Saint Andrew Cathedral or Parañaque Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and the first Spanish Church built outside the walled city of Intramuros. It serves as the seat of the Diocese of Parañaque and also known as the pilgrimage site of the devotees of Our Lady of Good Events. That is why it is the perfect church to visit during the holidays for those wishing to have a good new year. You can also see one of the oldest images of the Virgin Mary, the Nuestra Señora del Buen Suceso.

Saint Andrew Cathedral was established by the Spanish Order of Saint Augustine in May 11, 1580, and originally built using bamboo but after several renovations, the church now looks contemporary.

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Tribesmen Products Enterprises

The Philippines is surrounded entirely by the sea, and Tribesmen Products Enterprises will make us realize how rich we are in marine life, including seashells. At the store, you won’t just see sea shells but you will also discover how these products were collected and made.

Tribesmen Product Enterprises is the largest shell craft factory in the Philippines, where you’ll see how workers create charming seashell-based products like clocks and gift boxes, plus a warehouse with lots of seashells. After roaming the area, there’s a big shell craft store with lots of souvenir items, decorations, jewelry, accessories, even lamps and kitchen utensils. These shells came from different islands like Iloilo, Bataan and Masbate.

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Angeli Glass Product Specialties

If you are looking for unique in-season gift items for your kumare or workmates, Angeli Glass Product Specialties is the right place for you. Feel majestic and classy upon seeing the bunch of timeless glass collections and products.

At Angeli Glass Product Specialties, you will find a variety of crafts made out of durable and pure glass such as picture frames, card and pen holder, name desktop, including fashion accessories and give-aways, even large gift items, glass plaques and their own version of trophies and medals. Angeli Glass Product Specialties have been specializing in the art of handcrafted glass since 1979 and have made a name in local and international markets.

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