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A Gastronomic Adventure at Spectrum

By Kuku Samson

A buffet promises a treasure trove of flavors and textures. Just a few days ago, I embarked on such a culinary escapade at Spectrum, the all-day dining gem at Fairmont Makati. Little did I know that I was about to journey through the vibrant and mouthwatering world of Korean cuisine during Spectrum Themed Nights on weekdays.

Korean food is an art form, blending rice, vegetables, seafood, and meat into a harmonious explosion of flavors. It's a world where tangy meets salty, bitter dances with sour, and sweet embraces spicy. As I ventured through Spectrum's offerings, dishes like Bulgogi, Cheese Buldak, Haemul Bokkeum, Kimchi Fried Rice, Japchae, and LA Galbi beckoned with their vibrant colors and tantalizing aromas.

To complement this savory symphony, a selection of chilled juices, mocktails, and even alcoholic beverages were ready to accompany the food. The stage was set for a memorable culinary adventure, but there was more to come.

Elegance Meets Cuisine

Stepping into Spectrum at Fairmont Makati is like entering a realm of refined dining. The ambiance is sophisticated, the setting enchanting, and the food a delightful revelation.

But Spectrum had more in store. It had recently reopened its doors on September 22, unveiling an elevated dining experience that was both a feast for the senses and an ode to sustainability. It wasn't just about delicious food; it was about environmentally mindful dining.

Beloved classics were present. The carving station showcased meticulously prepared Australian Prime Beef and irresistibly crispy Pork Belly. The Sushi and Sashimi selection returned in all its glory, while the Western Station boasted roasted snapper and baked Barramundi, culinary art at its finest. In my humble opinion, these offerings alone are already worth your money.

The Seafood corner, the Shawarma corner, and even the enchanting ice cream teppanyaki station awaited, ready to satisfy your cravings once again.

But the surprises kept coming. Spectrum embraced innovation with open arms, introducing an array of new delights to tempt your palate. Imagine enjoying ala minute brick oven pizzas, discovering the Daily Highlights corner with Philly Cheesesteak and BBQ ribs, or savoring an enhanced Asian corner with Vietnamese spring rolls, Beef Rendang, and Laksa soup.

If you're a fan of Korean cuisine, prepare for a treat. A dedicated Korean corner is here, serving its classics. The Indian station lures in diners with its aromatic dishes. The BBQ station has also upped its game, offering a tantalizing selection of marinades, including flavors like Smoky Adventure, Thai-spiced, and Italian.

Something for Everyone

Spectrum's culinary team is considerate of the unique dietary preferences and needs of its guests. That's why they've introduced the Wellbeing corner, offering vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free options. Here, every guest finds a dish to savor.

For those eager to experience this culinary delight, Spectrum at Fairmont Makati opens its doors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, priced at PhP1,450 net, PhP2,700 net, and PhP3,000 net, respectively.

If a weekend indulgence is what you crave, you're in luck. The upgraded weekend buffet promises an even wider spread, complete with live music entertainment. Priced at PhP3,600 net for dinner every Friday and Saturday and PhP3,800 net for Sunday lunch, featuring Sabroso Lechon and an extensive charcuterie.

And here's a little extra treat: Spectrum extends a special 20% discount to credit card partners, ensuring you receive unparalleled value for your exquisite dining experience.

In this new chapter, Spectrum at Fairmont Makati continues to excel in the culinary realm, curating a refined and thoughtful dining experience that seamlessly blends sophistication, innovation, and sustainability. If you're in search of a dining adventure that elevates your palate and your spirits while being kind to the environment, Spectrum is your destination. Your invitation to a world of culinary rediscovery awaits.

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