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A Spring-Cleaning Treat that You Deserve

As we welcome the colorful and bright season of summer, many of us are already preparing to do some spring cleaning at home to keep everything organized, safe and pleasant to the eyes. While there are lots of affordable ways to achieve a certain look and style, mixing and matching different styles and looks is so easy now with the help of the Internet. Finding the right piece for your home can be a real challenge especially if you are looking for that piece that is functional, durable, and offers long-lasting comfort and style.

For us, Filipinos, our spring cleaning usually starts in our bedroom. From clearing our closets to changing our furniture, wall paint, or wallpaper, down to the bed linens and accessories.

Making the Big Change

While for some of us, changing mattress takes only once in a lifetime, Sleep Foundation suggests that under normal conditions, mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years.

The Foundation also listed these six reasons to consider why changing mattresses is vital in our well-being: (1) it’s negatively affecting your sleep, (2) it’s noticeably saggy or damaged in certain areas, (3) it’s making more noise than usual (noisy springs are common in old innerspring mattresses), (4) you find that you sleep better at hotels, friends’ houses, etc., (5) you notice an increase in allergies and/or asthma, and (6) you regularly wake up with muscle or joint stiffness.

While the local market carries various brands that fit our style and budget, there’s one brand in the world that truly provides innovation and comfort like no other – SERTA. The world’s most trusted brand of comfort for more than 90 years, SERTA arrives in the Philippines carrying its premium collections that are suited to Filipinos' preference for durability, comfort, and style.

It’s all in Serta

Durability is an important factor that Filipino buyers usually consider when purchasing an item. May it be small or large, for daily consumption or for just a period of time, Filipinos always pick the one that lasts. It is embedded in our culture, it has been part of our tradition for many years.

For Serta, manufacturing the most durable product is on top of every innovation they make. Topped with its brand of comfort and style, Serta takes pride in its pocket spring innovation, extensive and rich latex layers, and soothing cool technology that provides superior quality of sleep.

1. Pocket Spring

Pocket Spring plays a vital role not only in the durability of a mattress but also in our health as we relax and sleep. Some of the notable and science-based benefits of pocket spring mattresses include better sleep quality due to no motion transfer, providing pressure relief, and ease of movement. Serta’s extensive collection of mattresses offers durable and stable pocket spring innovation that caters to the actual need of our bodies. Choose from their 5-zone and 7-zone pocket spring collections that offer superior comfort that lasts.

Scientifically proven to provide more balanced body support, Serta’s 5-zone pocket spring mattress offers superior alignment and pressure relief targeting different zones of our body such as the head, shoulders, lower back, thighs, and feet. Meanwhile, the 7-zone pocket spring mattress offers a far more extensive comfort to our body providing needed support to our head, shoulders, lower back, thighs, feet, and non-event areas like the lower leg, knees, or ankle. Serta’s Perfect Sleeper Collection offers 7-zone pocket spring mattresses that adequately follow our body’s contour minimizing unnecessary joint and body pain and giving us the undisturbed quality sleep that we deserve.

2. Latex Foam

When it comes to bed mattresses, Filipinos are more inclined on having the most comfortable option. That’s why Serta made sure that every product they’ll offer is packed with extensive and rich latex layers that provide a high level of support and comfort topped with hypoallergenic features, dust mite resistance, and naturally antimicrobial. This is made to complement the brand’s wondrous pocket spring technology to add extra support and pressure-relieving factors further enhancing one’s sleeping experience. Serta’s premium latex layers are present in almost all of their pieces available in the Philippines including all iPedic and Perfect Sleeper collections, Perfect Spine Reserve, and Sleep True Ultimate, while a more premium Talalay Latex can be found in the Celestial Athena and Freya mattress.

3. Cool Technology

Since the Philippines is a tropical country, Serta’s cool technology is made suitable for our weather conditions providing utmost comfort regardless of the rainy or summer season. This innovation was further improved through Serta’s CoolMax technology - available in Sleep True Collection - which helps regulate our body’s temperature while sleeping, and the all-new Adaptive Dynamic Cooling System - available in iPedic Collection - which speeds up the evaporation of liquid in the mattress resulting in a cooler surface. This innovation from Serta also highlights the brand’s commitment to providing innovative sleep solutions that are beneficial to its customers.

So, as you start contemplating how you will redesign your home this spring-cleaning season, keep in mind that style and design should go hand-in-hand with comfort. Finding the right product that gives you and your family the peace of mind that you deserve should always be on the top list, along with the health benefits that come with it as the years go by.

To know more about Serta Philippines and its products, you may visit You may also follow Serta Philippines on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news, updates, and promos.

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