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Bajaj Three-wheeler: Partner in Life, Partner in Business

"Two heads are better than one," said  the couple and owners of Iba Ka Pe Mobile Coffee Shop, John Jevien Gomeseria and Maria Gracia Gomeseria. Let's see how the couple, along with the Bajaj three-wheeler, gained an advantage in their business:

Together in Savings 

"The Bajaj RE is very fuel-efficient," said the Gomeseria couple. With just P300, they can travel back and forth to Jenel By-pass Road in San Jose, Calamba for five days before needing to refill, covering a distance of 26km. The fuel injection system of the Bajaj RE contributes significantly to the savings, allowing "Iba Ka Pe" to thrive. The couple earns around P1500 daily. It's not only economical but also income-generating!

Together in Strength

Despite carrying equipment, furniture, and ingredients for Iba Ka Pe's mobile coffee shop, the Gomeseria couple proved that the Bajaj RE is indeed durable! The Heavy-duty CV Shaft and front fork suspension are a big help in carrying their items. Regardless of the road conditions in San Jose, Calamba, the 198.88CC engine can handle it all. "Very convenient and safe," Mrs. Gomeseria remarked.

Together in Comfort

Iba Ka Pe is also on the go whenever they are invited to events, especially in universities. From Calamba to Los Baños, there's no fatigue or body pain during the journey thanks to the car-type comfort ergonomic seats and cabin of their modified Bajaj RE! Need an event partner? Iba Ka Pe is there.

"Your life will truly improve when your hard work and strategy have the right partner," says the power couple from Laguna. Get ahead in any business idea for as low as Php 3,844 MONTHLY at select dealers nationwide! Visit to find the nearest authorized dealer in your area. Ready to apply? Head to this link:

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