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Be Beautiful, Be Vero

“Vero Jewelry pieces are very artsy. A woman who wears a Vero piece must be confident.”

Jewelry designer Gladys Young: “A woman who wears a Vero piece must be confident.”

The Vero jewelry collection can be described as vintage and eclectic, classics with a contemporary flair. Vero, which means “genuine” in Italian, was conceptualized in 2004 and has been in the business for 15 years now.

Gladys Young with Apple Barretto

“I never thought I would be in this industry (jewelry designing). It’s very rewarding and fulfilling, especially when you see the product of your imagination,” shared Gladys Young-Palanca, the successful woman behind the Vero brand, during the launch of the new collection.

Young said, that Vero jewelry is not for everyone. The pieces are very artsy, and take a lot of character to wear one. Although she has a classic line, the artisanal pieces and avant-garde designs are what the brand is well-known for.

It is because her pieces carry an “affluence of character.” Her skills and eye for detail were innate since she comes from a family of artists. Her great grandmother and grandmothers were also jewelers then, trading exquisite Spanish tambourine necklaces and coin bracelets. The artist’s flair for jewelry design started with the collection of gemstones passed on from her mother and was awakened when family friends enticed her to redesign jewelries for them.

Vero takes into heart the sanctity of “luxe style,” creating pieces that are unique and edgy, yet timeless and elegant. Intricate and enthralling, these are set in precious metals—gold and silver bedecked with a variety of diamonds and gemstones sourced around the globe.

Vero also prides in bringing new life to old, outdated jewelry; from melting, redesigning and reconstructing, to achieving only the best, statement pieces that make you beautiful.

Rhea & Lloyd Anastacio, Gladys Young-Palanca, Anton Palanca, Jovy and Georginna Desuasido, Bettina Laurel

There is no denying that wearing pieces of jewelry has its own historical and symbolic meaning, and eventually evolved to become more of a status symbol. But it has a deeper meaning behind it, and many may not really understand its true essence, yet jewelry will continue to captivate and mesmerize anyone, just like the Vero collection—intricate, custom-made, avant garde, one of a kind.

By Ruby Asoy-Lebajo

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