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British Fashion Legend Paul Smith and Filipino Personality Richard Juan at Harbour City

As the largest mall in Hong Kong, Harbour City is a favourite retail, dining and entertainment destination for locals and tourists alike. Not surprisingly, we are also home to the most sought-after international fashion brands, including the one and only Paul Smith.

In town for the Asia Pacific launch of his new Spring/Summer ‘19 Collection, Sir Paul had precious little personal time to explore Hong Kong, but still wanted to experience the unique sights and sounds of the city first hand. (Refer to Appendix for details of his tour schedule and content).

Harbour City introduced Sir Paul to Richard Juan, the Philippine-born Hong Kong Chinese TV and online personality. As our guest celebrity host, Richard represented Harbour City and attended a private dinner organized by Sir Paul. Richard also shared his thoughts on the presentation of the Paul Smith New Season collection and his views on the latest fashion trends.

An actor, host, model and celebrity in the Philippines with a strong presence and influence on social media, Richard is the perfect collaboration partner for Harbour City as we drive our marketing and promotional campaigns by leveraging social media and online channels.

Sir Paul’s saying, that “you can find inspiration in everything”, means that his collections are eclectic, coming from fine art and everyday life. Sir Paul visited various destinations including a traditional “dai pai dong” outdoor café and one of Hong Kong’s oldest temples, to the restored Tai Kwun heritage centre. Meanwhile, Richard joined Sir Paul on the world renowned Star Ferry and accompanied him to see Harbour City’s stunning Ocean Terminal Deck. We’re sure Sir Paul found inspiration in the endless photo-taking opportunities. In fact, Sir Paul and his father Harold both loved photography, and many of the Spring/Summer ’19 graphics have been created using images from Sir Paul’s archive.

For Harbour City, this was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase the New Season collection by bringing together two unique individuals – Britain’s foremost fashion designer and a millennial social media star – in a fresh and innovative format. As Sir Paul and Richard would agree, it’s ‘classic with a twist’!

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