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Buboy Santos: A Dedicated Father, A Committed Barangay Captain

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

By Cesar Cruz

Taytay, Rizal - Meet Buboy Santos, a man who wears many hats with pride and purpose. As the barangay captain of Muzon, he has dedicated his life to serving his community. But beyond his role as a leader, Buboy is also a devoted father, placing his family at the forefront of his life.

Family First:

Despite his demanding responsibilities, Buboy never fails to check on his adult son, Franco, and ensure he has the guidance and support he needs. For his youngest son, Ferb, Buboy goes the extra mile by personally dropping him off at school, nurturing a strong parent-child bond.

The Joy of Traveling:

The Santos family understands the value of creating lasting memories through exploration and adventure. They bond over their love for traveling, fostering a sense of togetherness that transcends the daily grind.

Balancing Act:

Barangay Captain and Family Man: Buboy Santos has been the barangay captain of Muzon since 2018, and his commitment to his community is evident through his numerous accomplishments. From infrastructure development to health and well-being initiatives, Buboy has left no stone unturned in improving the lives of his constituents.

8-Point Agenda for Muzon 1 Team:

Looking ahead to the upcoming barangay election, Buboy Santos and his Muzon 1 Team have outlined an ambitious 8-point agenda. From community health enhancement to environmental conservation, infrastructure development to safety and security, their goal is to uplift the community and address the core concerns of their constituents.

Empowering the Youth:

“Shout Out Kabataan”: Buboy Santos recognizes the importance of empowering the youth. Under the “Shout Out Kabataan” banner, he has outlined an 8-point youth-focused agenda that includes education enhancement, mental health advocacy, environmental engagement, and more.

By investing in the future of the community, Buboy aims to create a brighter tomorrow. As the upcoming barangay election approaches, the people of Muzon can look forward to a leader who not only excels in his role as a barangay captain but also understands the importance of family and community. Frank Luster “Buboy” Levita Santos is a man who leads by example, demonstrating that true leadership begins at home.

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