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Discipline is her key to beauty

Businesswoman Apple Barretto has a daily workout regimen and balanced diet to stay healthy. Her lifestyle is all about moderation when it comes to her diet and lots of exercise. This self-confessed gym rat does regular spinning classes, loves yoga and muay thai, and is now into tennis.

Despite having her hands full—as assistant vice-president for corporate communications at Investment and Capital Corporation of the Philippines (ICCP) for the past 10 years and a freelance model—she still manages to maintain a youthful glow and bubbly personality.

For Apple, it’s all about self-discipline. "I usually wake up at about 7 a.m., then go to work. I'll spend part of my lunch break working out at the gym near the office. Tennis is every Tuesday and Thursday; on weekends it’s yoga. So, if I'm not at work, you might find me in the gym."

This has been her routine for quite some time, when she started going to the gym when she was about 16 years old on a weight-gain program: Though she eats a lot, she was still thin back so she enrolled in a gym to gain weight. “”Gym workouts then were on and off until my body had neutralized. And I eventually developed a regular workout routine 10 years ago, and I follow it until now."

Barretto also moves around a lot. Since she lives near her workplace in Makati City, she just walks to and from work. Even when she travels, she will walk to destinations that are near her base. Of course, she still takes time to rest.

Being physically active also gave her a strong immune system. Her worst illness she could remember was the flu, and that’s about it, or allergy from preservatives.

Her exercise regime does not include a strict diet, and she doesn't believe in diet fads or extreme dieting. It’s all about moderation when it comes to food, she said. No on being vegetarian either. Eating more vegetables and just the right amount of meat and seafood was best for her.

She explained that if you stop yourself from eating sweets or carbs, it might catch up on you later: "Don’t deprive yourself because you will crave for it at one point, and then take a lot. If you want to eat sweets, take a spoonful, at least, or a small portion of meat, butter or cream to satisfy that craving. A healthier diet is about taking baby steps rather than abruptly cutting down on one’s food intake.”

But working out doesn't mean there's no need to follow a beauty regimen. For her makeup, Barretto only wears the bare minimum and sunscreen in the morning before going to work. She also does facials and skin care services for maintenance, but nothing invasive.

She also takes HyC 150 as food supplement.

"I'm very low maintenance when it comes to makeup. Other than regular skin care, a balanced outlook in life helps you become more beautiful. I love to travel. When I get the chance to see the world, I'd travel. It also helps me de-stress."

By Carlo S. Suerte Felipe

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