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Experience Wholeness

@56, with a waistline of 26, I learned to simplify the complex and unlearned some unpleasant traits. I switched from self-care and self-preservation to self-discovery and mastered my newly found strengths. I have adapted and embraced a lot of changes in pursuit of a higher level of peace and ultimate contentment.

From wellness to well-being, I finally let go of some and focused on my core to manage my time and energy. I decided to let go of the glamor and perks of my top-exec post to reset and re-purpose, to give myself more time to engage my soul and align my mind, body, and spirit.

Part of this aspiration is to spend more time with my creator, our God. From my 3 decades of demanding corporate life being on top of clients, products, services, sales, and marketing, I’m now into REST and CO-CREATE mode.

I have RE- tired, and with a new set of tires, I’m back to my core. Geared up for another exciting ride. I’m not resting, I’m inspiring more, bridging gaps and connecting dots left and right.

My new journey includes work, wealth, well- being I now call - Wholeness!

I’m into fitness and POUND and dance instructor, inspiring people to live an active lifestyle.

I’m polishing my second book “My Beautiful Connection” to share the value of human-to-human connection, divine connections, and heavenly orchestration, leading to relationship building.

I’m into freelance consulting and webinars, Vlogs, TikTok, guesting, and podcasting to amplify the promise of a happy and healthy life.

On the side, I paint imported leather bags (Mitzify of Canada) and host Inspiring Moments on TNC (The New Channel) with Julia Robillos.

I’m spending more time drawing (literally and figuratively) and meeting friends and families over a cup of tea and coffee, enjoying the moment like never before.

The pandemic has pivoted me to a whole new creation, simple, joy-filled, and meaningful journey.

I’m looking forward to serving the community using my artistry - like launching wearable arts and re-styled clothes to highlight the value of practicality, clarity, and sophistication.

Exploring Family Matters for Cable TV under EXPN, 1st health and wellness show for the whole family, and writing for the same vehicle - Experience Magazine for social evangelism.

Wholeness = happiness

I want to share with everyone - friends and soon- to be friends some basic things I realized and hold on to, up to this point.

Remember, re-inventing oneself is FREE, constant, and exciting! Here are some points to ponder.

10 Things about YOU

  1. You’re a child of God, born to touch lives and demonstrate His love.

  2. You and I are meant to be, to blend and work together for good, in harmony and synergy.

  3. You are special in the eyes of God, capable of doing greater things. Your only limit is your imagination, so soar!

  4. You are what you repeatedly do. It becomes your brand identity, your destiny, your legacy. So be mindful.

  5. You’re a work in progress. A carefully crafted masterpiece, getting lovelier and better each day. Don’t be hard on yourself.

  6. You’ll get hurt, offended, and frustrated, and it’s ok not to be ok. You will surely bounce back stronger, smarter, and wiser.

  7. You ought to give yourself all the chances, dare to explore, experiment, and level up. Every day, every event is a gift, an opportunity. Explore and exploit.

  8. You design your life, by the choices and thoughts and the relationships that you keep. Curate it with colors, fun, and laughter.

  9. You have a mind of your own, to weigh things, and discern good and evil but seek God’s wisdom.

  10. You have a mission to fulfill. Life is not tolerated, it’s celebrated so focus on your WHY, and breathe blessings. You are born to be blessed and to bless others.

5 Things about THEM

Note: Think about 50% of your time.

1. People’s perception of you has nothing to do with you, it’s mostly about their past, thoughts, and character. So no need to explain yourself, or please anyone, they have made up their mind.

2. They are made of emotions, they might not recall what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. Make others feel special, just how you want to be treated.

3. No matter how nice they are, they can still find some flaws and talk behind you. Take no offense. Don’t bother, no one is perfect anyway. Seek first to understand.

4. People behave because of their upbringing and experiences so even if they mistreat or disrespect you, treat them nicely, and professionally. Life then leaves. You are new to protecting your circle.

5. They can converge and criticize you for something, it’s fine. To each, his or her own. Don’t dismay, in time, the truth will prevail.

Besides, when they put you down, heaven raises you.


1. Live and love well.

Health isn’t an absence of disease, but the ability to live a meaningful life, pleasing in the eyes of God. Love and stay healthy and happy.

2. Connect with compassion. Work, blend and communicate with authenticity. Invest in people and their emotions, the ROI is priceless and eternal.

3. Breathe gratitude. Inner joy isn’t about having the perfect moment, but appreciating the goodness in every imperfect moment.

4. Think and act like Jesus. At least try to be kind and generous to all, at all times. Love even the unlovable, respect even the un-respectful. That’s the secret of having inner peace.

5. Think Positive. A positive mindset creates positive thoughts, words, actions, and outcomes. Take odds and trials to your advantage. You’ll be amazed at what’s next.

6. Choose your circle. You’re not supposed to work nor stay close to people who don’t see you as someone special, unique, and talented. Stay away from people who want you to fail.

7. Start your day right. Praise - pray and smile, the rest will fall into place. Let it flow, and allow the spirit to walk you through. Each day has been designed.

8. Love your own. Embrace your totality and self-worth. Don’t compare yourself or your accomplishments with others, you’ll either be conceited, dismayed, or insecure.

9. Think A-ok. A win-win attitude means you’re fine, others are as fine. You can do it alone but better to accomplish it with others. None of us is better than all of us. Trust that God created your beautiful connection even before you’re born.

10. Reflect and go forward. Mediate on what is happening and pass on the learnings. Refill your love tank by giving out, by helping others, especially those who can’t give you back. Reflect on His words and hear the message - His message behind the mess.

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