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First Impressions and Image Branding

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” - Coco Chanel

Power dressing has always been associated with the corporate world and with today’s growing population of digital nomads, dressing up have been more relaxed and casual. 

Having a good image is important though. Good image or appearance goes beyond the typical and it tells greatly about the person. 

Image consultant, Ms. Ginny Villegas, stresses that there is a need to have that kind of “right” image even for those who work at home. Though it is a common practice for work-at-home or freelancers to dress casually, there is still that need to project a nice image or appearance because no matter how much we hear- “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” it always happens.

Based on research, there are three important factors on the impact of image or how other people see you- visual impact (55%), vocal tones (38%), and words (75).

Visual impact takes a chunk out of the pie. Most often than not, when we happen to meet or be introduced to someone, we always tend to gauge the person based on his/her appearance and this visual impact has a more lasting impression than vocal tones and words. 

As Certified Image Consultant at FLAIR Image Consultancy, Ginny Villegas has mentored a lot of professionals and freelancers when it comes to creating their own personal branding or The Business of Image. 

For professionals, an image consultant’s goal is to help the person about creating that “image” that projects confidence, credibility, and respectability. This is also true for freelancers and those who work-at-home. It doesn’t mean that just because the person does virtual work he/she doesn’t need to enhance his/her appearance or personal style. In some cases, even those who work at home engage in conference or video calls with clients so grooming and dressing up is a must. 

At FLAIR Image Consultancy, one can learn about personal branding and image thru one-on-one coaching or seminars or group workshops about professional image, how to dress appropriately, and how to project a great image.

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