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Global Women Empowerment Summit 2021:Connecting and Championing Filipino Women to the World

As the world continues to cultivate and expound on women empowerment, the Global Women Empowerment Summit (GWES) of Dubai, United Arab Emirates has set its biggest and longest summit here in the Philippines this June 2022 to further strengthen women around the world and connect Filipino women who are championing lives, their families, communities, and country.

“The Global Women Empowerment Summit 2021 is set to create history as being the longest summit held in the world across three exciting and beautiful destinations here in the Philippines. The event will be hosting about 150 to 200 empowered women from 30 different countries across the planet, all thanks to the strong support and patronage of His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE’s Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, who’s been providing all the needed resources of GWES for the past five years,” said Angel Ramos Bognot, President and Ultra Business Event Creator, and Philippine Handler and Representative of GWES 2021.

After years of waiting due to the global pandemic brought about by COVID-19, the GWES 2021 is set to gather and empower women from all over the world to discuss and solve women's issues in a non-political way, honor women champions, showcase women's skills, and motivate women of any race and color to win all challenges in life and become an inspiration to mankind. This momentous gathering will have Her Royal Highness, Sheikha Jawaher bin Khalifa Al Khalifa of the UAE and Bahrain as the Royal Guest of Honor and Keynote Speaker along with other topnotch and influential women global speakers from other countries such as the USA, UK, India, Nigeria, Mexico, UAE, Canada, and the Philippines.

The GWES 2021 will take place in three key cities in the Philippines, namely Manila from June 2 to 4, Cebu on June 7 to 9, and Davao on June 13 to 15, 2022.

Manila Leg

In Manila, GWES 2021 is scheduled to happen at Manila Marriott Hotel. Delegates who join this leg will be treated to an enlightening session of networking and socialization topped with immersive pocket events that will share the rich and colorful tradition of Filipino and its cuisines with all of the delegates.

Participants will enjoy a quick tour around Intramuros highlighted by Filipino Santa Cruzan dubbed as “I Am Confidently Beautiful”, as well as a wellness and nature trip in the beautiful Tagaytay. Empowered women guests will also have a remarkable night through GWES’ Networking Dinner with African Delegates and Philippine Entrepreneurs called “Meeting of Minds, Converging of Opportunities”, as well as a glamorous Gala and Awards Night Manila Edition dubbed “Celebrating the Power and Strength of Global Women.”

For the Manila leg of this summit, delegates from different countries will also have the opportunity to honor Women Cancer Survivors in partnership with Project Pink.

Cebu Leg

Following the success of its Manila Leg, delegates will be transferred to Cebu to enjoy a colorful yet relaxing vibe of the Queen City of the South. Dubbed “I Am Woman of Courage and Substance”, the guests are set to experience a unique cultural awakening in Lapu-Lapu City, followed by a series of fashion shows in Cebu City, entitled “Her Weakness Is Her Strength”, and a tropical getaway at the serene and beautiful island of Bohol, entitled “So Much in Love in Island Paradise.”

The Cebu Leg will feature the Visayan's ingenuity and creativity led by the region’s top and world-class fashion designers, who paved their way to the global fashion scene with their stunning and empowering style and elegance.

In the Cebu leg, delegates will have a private chance to meet women who have been victims of violence in their homes to shed some inspiration and light as they empower more weapons around the world.

Davao Leg

To further capture the hearts of the delegates, the last leg of the summit will take place in the Crown Jewel of Mindanao, Davao City. Here, guests will witness the country’s young and budding designers along with other local talents in the summit’s “Seeing Beauty of The World from A Woman’s Heart” session. Davaoeños will ignite the women’s love for art and fashion through “A Global Woman Named Empower” session, wherein Ambassador of Philippine Fashion, Renee Salud, will showcase his outstanding collection along with other local trade and products.

The ultimate session for the GWES 2021 will take place in the countryside through the “Nature and Ecology Tour of Davao”, where delegates will meet tribal communities while communing with nature. Guests will also have a chance to visit the Philippine Eagle Center, where they’ll get to know the country’s national bird as well as the communities that help these critically endangered species be safe and free.

Delegates will also meet the Indigenous Women of Mindanao for some immersion and a better understanding of the Filipino culture in the south.

As the world continues to heal from the devastation brought by the pandemic, and as international borders are starting to open again, Global Women Empowerment Summit 2021 will pursue its mission of empowering women from all over the world providing stronger ties between nations and races.

The Global Women Empowerment Summit 2021 is officially handled by Afro Asian World Events, the MICE Division of Afro Asian Travel and Tours, Inc., a leading DMC in the Philippines. They will be the Philippine Ground Handler and Business Event Management Company for the 2021 edition of the Global Women Empowerment Summit. This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Philippine Airlines, Informatics, Ralphs Wine, Le Charm Suites, and Destileria Limtuaco.

For the latest news, updates, and other information, follow the Global Women Empowerment Summit's official Facebook Page at

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