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Good Places to Celebrate Lantern Festival in Taiwan

Deeply praised by media around the world, Taiwan Lantern Festival is celebrated annually on the 15th day of the first lunar month to mark the grand finale of the Chinese New Year celebrations. This year, the "2019 Taiwan Lantern Festival" will be held in Pingtung County. In particular, the design of the main lantern for the 30th Taiwan Lantern Festival breaks the norm of using animals of the Chinese zodiac and instead uses well-known “Bluefin Tuna” as the theme image, symbolizing “abundance and wealth year after year”. The main lantern is specially set up above water wishing to bring lights, sound and visuals as a treat to everyone. Divided into three zones, the entire lantern festival venue is located both inland and close to the water bodies. In addition, a lantern parade will be launched to make this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival an even deeper experience for visitors. This is definitely a culture-rich local festival that should not be missed by overseas travelers.

Aside from Pingtung County, Lantern Festivals are held around Taiwan:

District & Lantern Festival Activities

Taipei City

2019 Taipei Lantern Festival

Location: From to The Red House to Taipei Travel Plaza

Date: February 16 to February 24

New Taipei City

2019 Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival

Location: Shifen Sky Lantern Square, Pingxi District of New Taipei City

Date: February 16 to February 19


2019 Taoyuan Lantern Festival

Location: Sanmin (theme lantern), Guishan, Shuibiantou, and Luzhu

Date: February 12 to February 24


2019 Hsinchu Lantern Festival

Location: East Gate and Hsinchu Moat Park

Date: January 25 to February 24


2019 Miaoli Bombing the Dragon

Location: Within Miaoli City

Date: February 13 to February 21


2019 Taichung Lantern Festival

Location: Fulfillment Amphitheater

Date: February 16 to February 24


2019 Nantou Lantern Festival

Location: Nantou (theme lantern) and Puli

Date: February 2 to February 24; February 1 to February 24


2019 Changhua Flower Festival

Location: Changhua Fitzroy Gardens

Date: February 5 to February 19


2019 Yuejin Lantern Festival

Location: Yuejingang Riverside Park

Date: February 2 to March 3


2019 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival

Location: riverbanks on the both sides of Love River - Kaohsiung Bridge to Qixian Bridge

Date: February 9 to February 20


2019 Hualien Pacific Lantern Festival

Location: The 6th Redevelopment Zone and Carp Lake

Date: January 26 to February 24


2019 Taitung Lantern Festival - Bombing Master Handan

Location: Taitung County Government Square

Date: February 1 to February 24


2019 Penghu Lantern Festival - Praying to Turtles

Location: Throughout Penghu

Date: February 19 to February 23


2019 Kinmen Lantern Festival

Location: Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty and nearby sites

Date: February 19 to February 25


2019 Beigan Baiming Festival

Location: Beigan Township of Lienchiang County

Date: February 16 to February 19

For more events, please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau website or Come and enjoy the wonderful travel experiences!

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