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Hop on Eastwood Richmonde Hotel’s

Enchanting Gingerbread Gypsy Wagon

Eastwood Richmonde’s Holiday Goodies

Follow the trail of the sweet cinnamon scent to Eastwood Richmonde Hotel this Christmas and be beguiled by the delightful treats that fill this year’s Gingerbread Gypsy Wagon.

Christmas Morning (Gingebread Yule Log Cheesecake)

The fascinating array of holiday goodies, on sale until January 6, 2019, is a feast for the eyes, taste buds, and tummies with the unique creations satisfying cravings for sweet desserts, candied bites, and tasty snacks. Delight in the special items available just for the season like Christmas Morning (gingerbread yule log cheesecake, PhP 995), Chunky Monkeys (banana bread with snow glaze, PhP 255), Santa’s Little Helper (cranberry oat cookie, PhP 205/7 pcs), Sugar Crush (designer gingerbread cookies, PhP 175/4 pcs), Recuerdo (pistachio caramel bar & pecan brownies, PhP 465/box), Sugar & Spice (walnut crunch, PhP 985/160g), and Esmeralda (Gingerbread Gypsy Wagon, PhP 455). Pair the freshly baked Ear of Corn (multigrain baguette, PhP 370) and Challa Jamon (braided Jewish bread with ham, PhP 565) with Eastwood Richmonde’s home-made jams and spread, namely, Almond Cookie Butter, Oreo Crumb, and Roasted Pimento Spreads; Burnt Sugar, and Tomato Jam; and Onion Marmalade (from PhP 95/115 g). The Flowerpot Cookie, which recently won for Pastry Chef de Partie Richelle Ann Bautista the gold medal in the 12th National Food Showdown Competition, debuts this Christmas for all to taste. This creative dessert, made of vanilla & chocolate chip cookie dough, raspberry jam, chocolate ganache, and pistachio bits packed in a dainty flower pot is priced at only PhP 135.

Esmeralda (Gingerbread Gypsy Wagon)

Santa’s Little Helpers (Cranberry Oat Cookies)

Tried and tested and simply yummy, Richmonde’s signature pastries are all dressed up for the holidays. Our soft, oversized and cheesy plain and ube-flavored Richmonde Ensaymadas (from PhP 160) are joined by mini versions in salted egg & ham flavors (from PhP 555/9 pcs) that will go perfectly with a hot chocolate drink or steaming cup of brewed coffee on a cool Christmas morning. The moist and fudgy Richmonde Chocolate Cake, comes with a holiday greeting and fun embellishments (from PhP 195).

Sugar & Spice (Walnut Crunch), Oreo Crumb Spread, Burnt Sugar Jam, and Recurerdo (Pistachio Caramel Bar & Pecan Bownies)

Flowerpot Cookie (Vanilla & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Raspberry Jam, Chocolate Ganache & Pistachio)

Catch the Gingerbread Gypsy Wagon on display at the lobby of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, 17 Orchard Road, Eastwood City, Bagumbayan, Quezon City. You may also place your order by calling (632) 570-7777, or sending an email to Visit or EastwoodRichmondeHotel for more hotel information. You can also follow Eastwood Richmonde Hotel on Twitter and Instagram at @Richmonde_ERH.

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