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Living it up in Terraza de Sto. Tomas

Mary Grace Pelayo believes in making her hard-earned money work for her by investing in real estate, whose prices always appreciate. Unlike other expenditures, this one is free from the effects of inflation.

This is why she bought a home in Terraza de Sto. Tomas in Batangas two years ago. Like the rest of the homes in the area, Pelayo’s is surrounded by well-manicured pocket gardens with a Meditarranean ambiance.

The area is nestled at the heart of Sto. Tomas, and therefore offers residents the pleasures of suburban living while letting them stay in touch with the bustling city life. The historic Mt. Makiling presents a breathtaking view of nature.

“We feel safe and secure in Terraza because of the roving 24-hour security. Every electric post has a CCTV,” she says.

Such peace of mind has given Pelayo and her family the kind of serenity that comes with the knowledge that their lives and belongings are always far from danger. It has also allowed them to enjoy their much-treasured privacy.

Pelayo adds that she feels transported to a foreign country, where houses have bricks and round arches -- much like the ones she sees in photos of homes in Florida, California and other places abroad.

“The parking area is spacious, the roads are wide. Unlike in other subdivisions where the roads are narrow so the developer can scrimp on expenses, Ovialand made sure every resident has ample space to move around,” she notes.

Every road has a sidewalk where residents can walk safely. The air is fresh and clean, conducive to healthy living.

Thus, Pelayo says she feels calm, relaxed and at peace. She can focus on the work at hand because her mind is clear from worries about her home.

And since the houses are not crowded and spaced side by side with each other, residents are protected from COVID. Practicing social distancing as a pillar of health during the pandemic, is easy.

No wonder Pelayo says “every square meter (of land) is worth it.”

She also says that the price for the house and lots are within reach. So she has enough funds to buy the things she and her family need.

Yes, this Terraza de Sto. Tomas resident is living it up. She has found her happy place.

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