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Milestone Moments Deserve A Mirèio

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

When it comes to elaborated and sophisticated dining, it is hard not to think of French cuisine. In fact, French cooking has a reputation for inspiring many kinds of cuisine. It has even laid down the foundation of fine dining. Fine dining distinguishes itself from casual dining with its higher standard and pronounced formality of the dining experience. The finest food seasoned with expensive ingredients served on an elegant dinnerware comes to mind when ‘fine dining’ is mentioned.

Next time you have something special to celebrate, check out Mirèio, a French restaurant at the 9th floor of Raffles Hotel Makati. Its name is taken from the acclaimed poem by Nobel Laureate Frederic Mistral, a native of Provence. The literary relation is in line with the tradition of Raffles Singapore of praising brilliant writers. Likewise, the location of the refined brasserie-style dining spot offers a spectacular view of the cityscape.

Start off your meal with freshly-baked bread served with a side of olive oil. Get to choose from a variety of imported salt to season your food including Guerande sea salt which is a natural, unprocessed coarse sea salt from the coastal areas of France. The high-quality salt possesses a deep earthy flavor.

For appetizer, have a duo of goat cheese with beetroot mousse, candied walnut, basil infused citrus and edible flowers. The plated appetizer resembles an abstract rendition of the pretty landscapes of Provence in the summer months.

For the entrée, the grilled Australian striploin, homemade rosemary and parmesan shoe string fries, mesclun salad and bearnaise sauce was this editor’s choice. The juicy and flavorful meat was then seasoned with freshly cracked peppercorn from a tall pepper mill by a waiter. Sipping a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in between bites of the medium rare steak elevated the umami butteriness of the meat even more. Cook it just right and you cannot go wrong with this steak. A must try, indeed!

For dessert, a serving of dark chocolate feast with mousse, ice, truffle cake and hazelnut crunch was pure sweet surrender. The silky sensation of the chocolate made this dish addicting. Remember to order a cup of Americano to balance out the sweetness of the dessert.

Overall, the superb food, the unique presentations, the type of dishware and cutlery used, the ambience of the restaurant, the knowledgeable and attentive staff, and highlighting the importance of the basic seasoning (salt and pepper)- all contributed to a dining experience that is a league of its own.

Share the genuine happiness of an elevated dining experience with a three-course meal with family and friends on the next significant event in your life. Then again, why not consider going for the whole nine yards and indulge in a lavish seven- course meal instead. You will be constructing poetry about it faster than you could say Mirèio.

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