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Mr. Geek’s MyStart-Apps, free mobile apps platform, wins at The PITCH

Local startup firm Mr. Geek, developer of MyStart-Apps (MSA), was among the winners of the recently concluded business convention, The PITCH: Promoting Innovations, held at the University of the Philippines School of Economics.

Organized by the UP Organization of Business Economics Majors, The PITCH aims to gather innovative minds from local startups and provide an opportunity for them to pitch their businesses to investors. Mr. Geek’s MSA was among six out of the top 20 pre-selected pitches by a panel of judges and investors to receive investments to turn their business ideas into reality and eventually to grow their companies.

The panel included representatives from the Manila Angel Investors Network, Team Aguhon, private investors and distinguished UP School of Economics faculty members.

MSA is a Do-It-Yourself online platform that provides users the opportunity to create free mobile apps without the need for knowledge on how to code.

MSA, a product of local tech company Mr. Geek, aims to target its services towards Micro, Small, and Medium-scale Enterprises (MSMEs) globally. By providing MSMEs with the ability to create high-quality mobile apps to be used in their day-to-day business operations, MSA hopes to enable MSMEs to improve their accessibility to data analytics, customer engagement, promo reach, and operations. Through this innovative use of mobile technology, MSMEs will be able to compete and thrive in the competitive Philippine business environment.

Those behind the development of Mr. Geek’s MSA highlighted the benefits mobile apps can bring to local businesses. “We would like to empower MSMEs in the digital arena for them to thrive in their respective industries,” said CEO Rowinner Bautista.

Product Manager Christian Leonard Roman emphasized what mobile apps can do for Filipino MSMEs, saying, “Mobile apps provide more brand value than a website, and are a more secure option compared to a social media page. We are here to support Filipino businesses and to help level the playing field for our MSMEs to compete with large companies both locally and globally.”

Mr. Geek’s MSA hopes to use the investment to propel its growth in the country by hiring more people to further market and promote their venture among local enterprises.

For more information on how to use MSA, visit:, and to know more about Mr. Geek, check their website at:

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