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Opening new opportunities ahead

If you feel the touch of wanderlust steering you out the door but do not have the wherewithal to do it, try drinking coffee.Or better yet, sell it.

Sounds farfetched? Not to the owners of Cafe Tribu.

With an effective referral scheme that offers rewards to enterprising franchisees, Cafe Tribu has already proven it is possible to visit one’s dream destinations, or own a car for that matter, without spending your life’s savings.

All you have to do is avail any of the franchise options of Cafe Tribu, and build a referral network that will earn you points as well as cash.

What is Cafe Tribu?

But what is Cafe Tribu?

Cafe Tribu “All Day Coffee”, as the name implies, is a food cart that offers all day coffee to those who need a pick-me-up to get them through the day.

According to Mar Kaquilala, president of Café Tribu, the franchise offers coffee, crafted blends, tea, pastries; the usual coffee shop ambience and products. A crowd favorite from Café Tribu is their iced blends.

“The blends are made with locally-grown coffee beans like a robust special blend sourced from Cavite and made exclusively for Café Tribu,” explains Kaquilala.

Café Tribu boasts of blends that are aromatic but not too strong to disgruntle the consumer’s palate. The blends are locally conceptualized locally as well.

“Ang isang maganda din dito sa Café Tribu ay yung pwede siyang mag-serve ng meals, meryendas, and pastas. The company allows that,” Kaquilala adds.

café Tribu's outstanding franchisees showing off their hard-earned incentives

The Family Dream

The coffee franchise started in July 2016 and established its first shop in the same year. In the following year, Café Tribu began franchising.

Café Tribu is a part of The Family Dream, Inc., which also owns popular food cart franchises like Pinoy Pao, Buko Nut, Puffy’s HK Egg Waffle, Fries Ganda, Red Bowl, Burgeroo, Emperor’s Siomai, and O’Noodle.

TFD President Mar Kaquilala and wife She (center) with their franchisees in a show of unity

According to Kaquilala, it was Frederick Tan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pinoy Pao Express, Inc., as well as TFD, who came up with the concept of selling coffee-based products using beans that are grown locally.

With the help of TFD, Café Tribu expanded to the ubiquitous food cart business it is today.

Currently, Café Tribu has around 134 fully functioning franchises all over the country.

“Tan saw an opportunity with the booming coffee industry in the country to franchise his coffee shop concept,” said Kaquilala.

A happy bunch of successful Café Tribu franchisees with their families in their moment of success Franchisees who received free trips to Japan as part of their incentives from Café Tribu Smiles abound for top franchisees and their life-size checks for their cash incentives.

Tan, he added, has been in the food industry for 25 years. Seventeen of those years were spent learning the ropes of the franchising business.

Tan, started the company’s journey in the food industry in 1992 by delivering kikiam, siomai, and other Chinese delicacies, until he shifted to franchising in 1998. In 2000, the company finally opened for franchising.

According to Norminda Santos, a franchise consultant who joined the company seven months ago, the company started out as the Filtrepreneur, then changed and later on developed into the food franchiser, The Family Dream.

The company was established to rouse and harness the entrepreneurial spirit that lies within most Filipinos who are aiming to succeed in life by venturing into business.

It also aims to foster customer enthusiasm through the integration of people, sustainable products, innovative technology, and a structured business system.

In partnership with Pinoy Pao Express Inc., TFD started the food cart business and has been going strong with 23 years of experience in the food industry along with a growing partnership between reliable local and foreign companies.

The top franchisees pose with their certificates of excellence

Additional franchises

Aside from the locally sourced coffee-based product that is the concept behind the Café Tribu, also offers different food that originated from different parts of the world.

Each of these food franchises offers a selection of products that are loyal to a concept or a culture.

For example, he says, Café Tribu is loyal to the coffee industry as well as the Filipino heritage.

Another Filipino concept with a sweeter and healthier option is Buko Nut, a franchise that sells fresh buko juice to quench thirst.

Taking on a more eastern approach to their concept are Pinoy Pao, Puffy’s HK Egg Waffle, Red Bowl, Emperor’s Siomai, and O’Noodle. They feature products such as set meals for Red Bowl, and dimsum for Pinoy Pao and Emperor’s Siomai.

Verging onto a more western approach is the Burgeroo and Fries Ganda with their take on the usual burger and French fries.

Benefits of availing a franchise

Becoming a franchisee can be quite a big risk to take; fortunately, there are advantages to a franchise other than gaining profit.

Franchisees and the keys to their success Mark Kaquilala and wife, She Diaz Herrera Kaquilala

Destination: Anywhere

This is the part where those who dream of travelling can find opportunities to make their dreams come true.

A Café Tribu kiosk costs P350,000 with an initial inventory worth P3,000. Meanwhile, a coffee shop setup costs P3.5 million and includes equipment, construction for 70 sq. m. as well as technical inclusions like training, uniforms, and more.

Currently, Café Tribu has around 134 fully functioning franchises of kiosks and coffee shops all over the country.

But the true adventure lies in their travel incentive that franchisees can avail through their point system. For a total of 5,000 points, franchisees can already stroll through the picturesque streets of Europe without worrying about expenses.

In order to earn points, the groups of franchisees are given a sales quota that they should be able to achieve within a given amount of time. Once they’ve hit the target figure, they earn points which can be later used to avail a travel incentive.

The destinations for the travel incentive are also sorted out via a point system. With 5,000 points you can already fly to Europe.

Food franchises like Café Tribu and the others offer independence that is similar to a small business ownership but with the support of the head company, Pinoy Pao Express Inc. itself.

In addition, being a franchisee doesn’t necessarily require business experience in order to sustain the enterprise. Just like in the Café Tribu package, the franchisers provide the training needed in order to operate according to their policies, standards, and their business model.

And at times, purchasing a franchise may prove to be cheaper than starting a business of the same time because franchise packages offer crucial inclusions that would prove to be beneficial to the franchisee in the long run.

Food has always found its way to a person no matter how unique or common it is. It is only a matter of time before it finally makes its way into the hearts of the people – by availing food

ranchises, it may just get there faster.

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