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Ryan Dimapilis: Meet the Man of Unwavering Persistence

“I came to a point in my life, where I thought I should keep grabbing all the opportunities to grow fast, until one day, I realized, I’m making a big mistake. Instead of hurrying to achieve more, I should have just focused on one thing, not just for growth, but also for learning…” – Ryan Jay Dimapilis, Chef and President of Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center.

At a very young age, Ryan, son of Mr. Reynaldo and Mrs. Josefina Dimapilis, has shown an interest in entrepreneurship through his grandmother’s fruit market stall at a local community market. Spent most of his time learning the basics of selling goods, this experience inspired the young Ryan to pursue a career in Business Administration Major in Business Management, which transpired him to be more persistent and a goal-getter.

Born in a family with backgrounds in construction, property development, and brokerage, Ryan has shown determination and perseverance at a very young age venturing into numerous business franchises, far from the industry that his family is living. With triumphs and lessons along the way, Ryan pushes for his dream with the goal of someday will fit in nicely with the family’s dream for everyone.

The Making of an Entrepreneur

After graduating from college, with so much passion for business burning inside him, Ryan, with some support from his family, ventured into a franchising business that led to multiple other businesses. Though success was seen at the begging, some challenges came along the way that thought him a great number of life lessons.

From acquiring a franchise of one of the country’s top dumpling businesses to establishing his computer shop, and digital printing company, to acquiring more franchise businesses such as a water station and laundry shop, Ryan has been very determined to pursue his career in business grabbing every opportunity of growth. An admittedly risk-taker and impulsive person, in 2016 a budding venture of another food business, Ryan took a leap of faith by enrolling himself in a culinary school, where he enhanced the talent he unknowingly possesses.

“It was November 2015 when I bravely joined the HMR Philippines Cook-Off Contest. That was the first culinary contest I joined. I have no professional background in cooking then, and submitting my version of Adobong Bukid ng Silang was a long shot. To my surprise, I won third place and this winning gave me that light-bulb moment that eventually led me to culinary school,” Ryan shared.

A Blessing Made to Happen

“When you catch a glimpse of your potential that is when the passion is born.” - Zig Ziglar

While for some successful businessmen, the term: “the rest is history” is commonly bestowed, for this young man from Silang, Cavite, he is just starting to see the path to his life-long journey.

After graduating from culinary school and garnering confidence to pursue his new-found passion, Ryan, with his growing and deepening love for the food business, finalized his concept for T-Bone King and Grill. Now, a popular steak destination in the south of Metro Manila, T-Bone King and Grill takes pride in its offering of good food, a good place for good friends, highlighting local produce from the Batangas as well as in-demand meat products from US and Australia.

“Before the pandemic struck, T-Bone King Steak and Grill was doing well with four branches, Ayala Malls Serin, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf, Ayala Malls Uptown and Robinsons Lipa. Unfortunately, we have to close two of our branches during the height of the pandemic to keep the business afloat. Come 2021, with the easing of quarantine protocols, the strong demand came back, which led us to open more branches.

The unprecedented success of T-Bone King Steak & Grill took Ryan by surprise that made his family entrust another project. This time to continue the development and expansion of their family-owned business, the Farm Hills Garden Events & Catering.

“The Farm Hill Garden Events & Catering was just a small idea among our family and friends that turned into a beautiful and lush haven for bridal events. This is the fruit of our family’s collective efforts and ideas given our vast backgrounds. We initially just want to provide an alternative wedding venue, which started when my sibling got married in January 2017. In just a few years, this has become one of the sought-after events places as well as a bed & breakfast for metro dwellers who are seeking reprieve from being locked down in Metro Manila for many months due to the pandemic,” Ryan shared.

A private yet accessible getaway tucked in the serene and lush area of Silang, Cavite, Farm Hills Garden offers spacious and relaxing rooms ideal for couples, families, and groups. With amenities such as a café, restaurant, game room, and swimming pool, this place provides a balanced combination of fun and relaxation amidst aesthetic flora that encapsulates Silang’s natural beauty and allure.

“We’re looking forward to more exciting developments in Farm Hills Garden with the addition of more villas as well as a bigger pavilion that could cater to around 200 to 300 people for special life events,” he added.

When It Rains, It Pours

With the continuous outpour of success and blessings, Ryan continues to manage the expansion of their family business with the opening of Farm Hills Garden’s Attique de Bella. A café located at the topmost location of Farm Hills Garden, this place offers a Parisian vibe with its chic interior and French-inspired menu made perfect with the lush view and cool breeze of Silang.

“With so much demand for aesthetic interiors among the younger generation, we envisioned Attique de Bella as the perfect place for those trendy occasions may it be with family, friends, or special someone. Attique de Bella is also one of those projects that we never planned to have but it happened, and we’re delighted to see the amazing support from its guests,” Ryan told.

From the success of his French-inspired project, Ryan was immediately gifted with another idea for the food business, and this time, it took him back to Asia with the opening of Ryoukai. A Japanese-themed restaurant offering Japan’s most comforting and well-loved dishes, Ryoukai gained popularity for its flavorful and filling Tantanmen that immediately produced two branches in Silang, Cavite – first in Bypass Road Silang and second in Silang-Santa Rosa Road.

“Ryoukai, which translates to ‘I got it!’ or ‘I understand’ is my affirmative approach to all the blessings that I’ve been receiving since I took this path five years ago. The unexpected growth of my ideas has been tremendously overwhelming, but this won’t stop me from giving my best and offering more to our people,” Ryan delightedly shared.

Home is Where the Heart Is

While the success of Ryan’s food business relies mostly on international concepts, the idea of putting up his Filipino restaurant came to fruition when the pandemic struck. With most of his employees starting to worry about their income, he came up with the idea of providing food delivery within the Silang and Tagaytay area offering Filipino food. This idea spanned into a 5,000-square-meter space after a few months and turned into what is called now Balai Palmera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center.

“We all know how the pandemic challenged all of us. While we continue to keep everyone safe in our business, I also want to make sure that they’ll have something to feed their families. The creation of Balai Palmera is indeed another blessing because this doesn’t just help us keep our employees but it also gave birth to new Pinoy favorites that I’m sure everyone will love,” he added.

Balai Palmera offers a refreshing take on Filipino food topped with come Filipino service that will make every visit pleasant and memorable. While the restaurant has only one branch, for now, the Pasalubong Center has two branches already in Silang, Cavite, ready to offer Balai’s version of Pinoy's favorite Buko Pie.

“I just want every restaurant and business that I open to radiate the positivity of life that I have experienced these past years. I’m a firm believer that it’s important to establish a happy environment not just for our customers but also for our employees. I hope that whenever our guests visit T-Bone Steak & Grill, Ryoukai, Balai Palmera, Attique de Bella, and Farm Hills Garden, they would feel and enjoy the blessings that I’m bestowing on our staff and employees even just for a moment of their stay with us,” Ryan concluded.

“Be the best that you can be. Be contented on what you have but never be contented with what you can be.” - Francis Kong

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