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Savoring Laiya Gourmet's Flavorful Journey

Updated: Feb 9

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

Embarking on a culinary odyssey, Laiya Gourmet emerges as a paragon of excellence, seamlessly fusing a profound love for exquisite dishes with an unwavering commitment to community impact. Founded by Gerry Abanilla, whose culinary journey commenced with a comprehensive program in Fundamentals in Culinary Arts at ISCAHM, leading to experiences on a cruise ship and employment at a restaurant chain in Canada, Laiya Gourmet now stands as a culinary powerhouse in the Philippines.

After accumulating five years of invaluable culinary expertise in Canada, Gerry returned home and laid the groundwork for Laiya Gourmet, initially as a catering service for corporate events. Swiftly gaining the trust of both government agencies and private corporations, Gerry's astute business acumen propelled the establishment of various restaurant concepts, including Utoy’s Batangas Lomi, Querido Bistro, and Calle Tamaraw, showcasing his mastery of Filipino and foreign culinary influences.

Beyond the confines of the kitchen, Laiya Gourmet distinguishes itself with a resolute commitment to community development. Drawing inspiration from Gerry's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) experiences in Canada, the brand actively engages in barista training, coastal clean-ups, and livelihood programs in Batangas, extending its impact far beyond culinary offerings to embrace initiatives that uplift the community.

Laiya Gourmet's catering services transcend the ordinary, emphasizing meticulous menu planning and collaboration with top event stylists. The brand's dedication to innovation shines through its active participation in prestigious events like "Weddings and Beyond," where fresh concepts and menus are consistently introduced. Alongside must-try Filipino delicacies such as spareribs barbecue, chicken galantina, vegetable lumpia, and mango tapioca, Laiya Gourmet's Mediterranean offerings provide a mouthwatering alternative to local cuisine.

Established in 2009, Laiya Gourmet Catering and Events (LGCE) has evolved into a trusted partner for various government agencies and corporations. With the capability to serve up to 3,000 individuals in a single event and manage up to 10 events simultaneously, LGCE has forged synergistic partnerships with notable entities such as the Occupational Safety and Health Center, DOLE, ABS-CBN, GMA, Samsung, and more.

Chef Gerry Abanilla's culinary journey, starting as a kitchen helper, has been marked by significant milestones achieved through a combination of education and hands-on experience. A proud Batangueno, Chef Gerry envisions establishing a family corporation through which his nephews can carry forward the legacy of free education and livelihood training he provided them.

Laiya Gourmet Catering and Events rank among the top-caliber food and service provider in the Philippines. Gerry's passion for cooking, combined with his culinary education, has allowed Laiya Gourmet to break barriers in catering and event designing. The brand's captivating concept, delectable cuisine, and world-class service make it a standout choice for those seeking impeccable service, sumptuous cuisine, and flawless execution in their events.

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