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SCREEN CAPTURE: Spot. Camera. Action!

By: Em Sanchez

Picture some great films in the cinema industry local and international scene and you’ll be blinded by the vast canvas of filming locations. Believe me, location scouting is just as vital to discover the perfect setting and mood of your story. Locations give the audience a door to step in and join the characters to their journey and emotions. It complements stories to deliver their messages.


Undeniably some of those locations were notably built film sets but the majority were real world places and wonders. Just like the film of Siargao from 2017, directed by Paul Soriano – with the titular island destination as backdrop to its intertwining delicately portrayed dramas of the characters, the film feels more like a paean to the place. It is more a heartfelt postcard in the form of a film about losing and regaining emotional connections. A somber mood that is backdropped by a place where immaculate nature and a subculture of drifters harmoniously commune.


On the other hand, we get mesmerized by the sea of clouds of Sagada which was introduced by the film, That Thing Called Tadhana. The location walks us through the mood and the feeling of the main character, Macey who happened to take her step toward moving on from her long-term relationship. That scene captures tourist interest to visit Sagada, Baguio, and experience how the lead screams her heartache at the top of the mountain.


Mr. and Mrs. Cruz, a film from 2018 brought us to fall in love with Palawan’s picturesque beauty. The two main characters are destined to cross their path in the Island which both came from failed weddings and to breathe from their failed relationships. The two lost souls exchange bitter past and realize the whole unhappy marital scenario happened for a reason.

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