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Six Doors 3D BBQ Buffet

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

The 1st Table Mapping Projection Buffet in the Philippines

Open Dining Area

Boasting a staggering 228-seating capacity, the dining area has a cozy feel with contemporary interior, dominant with warm and calming colours accentuated with hardwood.

The dining area offers plenty of modern food presentations cooked with superior quality and an upscale setting. You can choose from hundreds of daily offerings, sample flavours from around the world, with many dishes uniquely displayed for your eyes to feast on. Guests may enjoy a variety of European, Asian and Brazilian dishes.

The area features a BBQ and churrasco grilling station, a sushi bar, an international section for a variety of cuisines from around the world and a beverage & filling station. The place also boasts pastry chillers housing artfully presented confections and cakes, a chocolate fountain dip for an assortment of desserts, a flying cake station where guests could actually see how this cooking style is done. The floor also features a hotpot area which holds a variety of ingredients. To top it all off, there's also a wine and beer section boasting a grand and bold collection of wines and beers.

Function Rooms

If you're looking for a nice and presentable venue for your next event, the function rooms have a 10 - 40-seating capacity. It's perfect for business meetings, conferences, and even more for birthday parties, receptions and the like because the large function room features audiovisual capabilities. We are ready to arrange you a memorable celebration. The staff will help take care of even the smallest details, may it be in decorations, audiovisuals, or music.

VIP Rooms

The VIP rooms boast the first table mapping projection and 3D dining experience in the Philippines. We also offer a butler-style service and an exclusive premium menu selection in a thematic set-up that will truly bring each diner to another world.

It truly is an unparalleled and fully immersive dining experience! SIX Doors combines the world's finest cuisines and technology, bringing an exciting gastronomical journey filled with delectable delights from around the globe - all without stepping a foot out of Metro Manila.

Everyone instantly will forget about the gram as they experience a mind blowing dining pleasure on the other side. Truly a "WOP" experience! (World on plate)

SIX Doors has prepared a month long Opening Celebration from December 5 towards the end of the year. It's a party until the end of December!

The month long opening continues throughout the entire Christmas Holidays with living statues gracing SIX Doors throughout the Holiday Season. Don't miss out some of the entertainment industry's most favorite performers,ee below schedule of events so you don't miss out:

  • Monday, December 10 - Ms. Jenine Desiderio

  • Wednesday, December 12 - Mr. Bobby Skyz

  • Saturday, December 15 - SIX Doors Living Statues with FIDO

  • Friday, December 16 - The Voice Male

  • Tuesday to Wednesday, December 18 & 19 - SIX Doors Living Statues and FIDO

  • Thursday, December 20 - Mr. Clark Dizon

  • Friday, December 21 - The Voice Male

  • Saturday, December 22 - SIX Doors Living Statues and FIDO

  • Friday, December 28 - Ms. Selena Marie

  • Saturday, December 29 - SIX Doors Living Statues FIDO

January 2019 Performers:

  • Friday, January 4 - Ms. Selena Marie

  • Friday, January 11 - The Voice Male

  • Tuesday, January 15 - The Bloomfields Sunday, January 20 - The Bloomfields

  • Saturday, January 26 - Ms. Jinky Vidal

  • Wednesday, January 30 - Mr. Joey G.

Entertainment is from 7pm and 8pm onwards.

Take your buffet experience to the next level! Be a member of SIX Door's loyalty program and earn cashback every time you dine. Become a SIX Doors member today by signing up on their website at

For more information, contact SIX Doors through the

website or at 0918-484-3255

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