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Spice up your relationships during the pandemic with Subway's Spicy Buffalo Chicken

Have you fallen out of love with your partner or special other during the pandemic? For couples, married or not, it is a fact that quarantine has greatly impacted our lives and relationships with the people around us.

And when everything gets too chaotic, the best thing to do is listen in and learn from each other’s experiences during COVID-19 and one place to do so is by tuning in to DJ Chacha and Sam YG’s podcast, “Lecheng Pag-Ibig 'To!”

Sam YG or Samir Gogna, known professionally as Samir Young Guy is an Indian Filipino radio and television personality. He is one of the three Boys Night Out hosts on Magic 89.9 along with Tony Toni and Slick Rick. And he was also a co-host for Eat Bulaga!.

DJ Chacha or Czarina Marie "Chacha" Balba-Guevara, wife of Michael Guevara, is Filipina radio disc jockey, actress and broadcast journalist. On radio, she presents the news as a segment anchor for the segment, Showbiz Balita, on Radyo Patrol Balita Alas-Siyete and Gising Pilipinas, and co-anchors her radio programs, Radyo5 Network News and Ted Failon at DJ Chacha sa Radyo5.

Together, they host the podcast “Lecheng Pag-Ibig ‘To!” to bring you some up-to-date news on the COVID-19 situation in our community. In addition, they also provide suggestions on how to remedy lost love, repair broken relationships, and most importantly, how to get through a bad breakup and experiences by spicing things up!

Subway® chose DJ Chacha and DJ Sam YG because they can definitely connect with their audience to spice things up! In their recent podcast episode, they talked about a letter sender confessing how she has fallen out of love with her husband when they are just two years into their marriage. There’s going to be a lot of interesting and useful advice for couples out there, married or not!

Don’t forget to tune in and subscribe to “Lecheng Pag-Ibig ‘To!” podcast on Spotify with DJ Chacha and Sam YG today!

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