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Stoned Steaks

As you step in the big glass doors of STONED STEAKS, you get a feeling this is going to be a night out of the ordinary. Your first impression is a comfortable bar made of crates, with high quality thin wine glasses. I don't know about you, but to get fine red Merlo wine in a high stem thin glass, where you sip a well aired wine gets you quickly in the right mood.

A dry age meat cabinet, that expose the meat maturing, will be served in 28 days. It transparently shows the dinner cleanliness and expertise of high end meat .

A large wide screen TV shows mouthwatering food. You just can’t wait to put your teeth in there steaks. They serve mainly Angus Steak from USA and Wagyu Steak grade 4 and 6 from Australia. As soon they have personally met the farmer and handpick their supplier they will offer Wagyu meat from Japan. Nothing is left up to chance here. When your receive your thick Steak, a 700 degree lava rock is placed on the table and server is explaining how to eat it to your liking of juicy or firmness of meat. It keeps cooking as it’s on your table. You can enjoy a hot steak and eat in your own pace...unless you share, it's so delicious it will be consumed fast. To top off the heavenly meat experience you have 7 different sauces to dip your meat in. Personally I think the meat is so wonderful so rock salt and fresh pepper is enough for me to get in to a three dimensional world.

As you sit down, an outdoor feeling of a castle in Europe enters your mind as you see greenery climbing up the large wall of STONED STEAK. You will notice that even small details as light, easy chairs to get in and out of, rustic but clean floor.... it's all been thought of.

So how did this restaurant come all about? When a married couple from Tarlak - husband is chef and wife is an artistic creative personality who loves to make appetizers and sauces - goes on a cruise there creative juices starts to flow. As they sit in an exclusive restaurant on the ship, eating the most fantastic steak of their lives.... STONED STEAK was born. The wife said shyly, that she’s not finished with the sauces. With a "hostess of the world" personality, cute outfit and lovely smile, she will keep creating.... I can feel it.

Anyone appreciating French fries, try the appetizer with hand cubed potatoes, sprinkled with Parmesan and truffle with 2 sauces of your choice.

Elegantly the Server is explaining the contains of the soup - Cream of pumpkin with corn and saffron with fresh pepper if you like.

The next appetizer “rocks”. The plate has hot rocks to keep the heat for the entire eating experience of oysters. Every detail is thought of with even lemon slices dipped in powdered parsley to amplify the flavor.

As if all this was not enough they serve dessert - ice cream, not to sweet, just right to get the flavor, in a ice cold marble stone bowl.

In addition to the restaurant they have three event rooms. One ballroom good for 250 person and one roof top area with wicker furniture and a bar area for more relaxed party.

Another good option for business meetings or smaller family parties there is a room, fit for around fifteen people. There is plenty space with serving table too. It is only 10 K consumable with food.

Writer: Jeanette Kamphuis

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