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Top 3 Trending Sunscreens that you should try according to Chesca and Kendra!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Kramers love the outdoors. Whether they are lounging in their luxurious resort-like family home or spending a weekend at the beach, mother and daughter Chesca and Kendra Kramer enjoy quality bonding moments outdoors.  Their stylish OOTDs are hands down Insta favorites however their fans cannot help but marvel at their healthy glowing skin. It’s amazing how the mother and daughter can maintain their fresh-looking skin even for long hours under the sun.


Their secret? Sunscreen. “ You cannot avoid the harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays, so I never leave

the house without sunscreen. Not just any sunscreen it must have really strong SPF (sun

protection factor), but at the same time, it should be very light, without the white cast, because I cover it with make-up” she said. 


Having started in show business at a young age, she immediately knew the importance of

following a skincare regimen to maintain her good looks. “ When I was a teenager, my Mom

always reminded me to take good care of my skin. I believe one can never be too young to have a healthy skincare routine, the earlier you start, the better.” 


Having good sunscreen is essential for Chesca, in order to look youthful and ageless. “I am

usually asked what’s the secret for younger-looking skin’ and my answer is always sunscreen

and serums. It’s important to use SGS-tested and approved sunscreens to be sure that the ones we use really have uv protection and I’m happy that Luxe Organix got our back. My personal favorite is their new Luxe Organix 5-in-1 UV Pro Whitening Serum Sunscreen because it can lighten the skin while preventing melasma, wrinkles, and dark spots.”


Now that she is a Mom, Chesca makes sure her healthy habits are passed on to her daughters. “I always emphasize proper hygiene and that includes taking care of their skin. They watch me when I cleanse, moisturize, and apply serums on my face, they know it’s very important.” 

 Kendra, her eldest is certainly following in her footsteps. One of the country’s top teen

influencers, the 13-year-old is making a name for herself as a young model and athlete. “I get teary-eyed whenever I realize Ate Kendra is a teenager now.  Before we were just talking about your first day in school now, I can't believe that I'm teaching proper skincare," she said. 

Here are the top 3 trending sunscreen picks of Chesca and Kendra Kramer:

Luxe Organix Aqua Daily Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++, Php349

Now busy with her own career, Kendra relies on her Mom’s recommendations when it comes to health concerns. ‘She also has sensitive skin, and she needs to use sunscreen regularly. Ate Kendra loves the Luxe Organix Aqua Daily Sunscreen. It is water-based, lightweight, and has no white cast, we even brought it during our last trip to Boracay. “ 

Luxe Organix High Protection Perfecting UV Tint Serum Sunscreen, Php379

  • Skincare + sunscreen with 2% niacinamide

  • Color adjusting, Adapts up to 10 skin tones

  • Has light coverage that is buildable and can cover some blemishes

Luxe Organix High Protection 5 in 1 UV Pro Whitening Serum Sunscreen, Php399

  • Skincare + sunscreen with 2% niacinamide

  • 5 in 1 - UV protection, whitening, acne care, anti-aging, moisturizing

  • Pure Mineral

  • Reef safe

Luxe Organix Aqua Daily Sunscreen  is lightweight, and water-resistant sunscreen with SPF

50 PA+++ for UVA and UVB. It’s perfect for everyday use because its quick absorbing, non-

greasy and suitable for sensitive skin. It also contains Aloe Vera extract to keep skin supple

and hydrated throughout the day!


Available at all Watson’s stores.

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