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Two for the road

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Priscilla and Anechka Estrada have become the best travel buddies

Celebrity Mom Priscilla Meirelles de Almeida-Estrada’s favorite way of bonding with daughter Sammanta Anechka is through traveling, which the Brazilian beauty queen believes creates a strong friendship that will become milestones in their lives.

“I like bringing her around as much as possible,” Meirelles shares while at Lio Tourism Estate in El Nido, Palawan. “She's got great energy and is fun to be with. I also love taking pictures of her. She's like my baby best friend.”

Sitting on the customized resort jeepney for that wonderful mom-daughter bonding experience

Anechka, her 6-year-old daughter with husband actor John Estrada, is bubbly, adorable and the life in any group. Meirelles prefers seeing her vivacious persona. “I'm afraid if she's quiet, there might be something wrong with her.” Nowadays, she counts her own mother and Anechka as her top travel companions.

Priscilla feeling relaxed at El Nido Cove. It was the best escape anyone can have.

The Estradas, whose dream vacation is a European tour, started traveling when Anechka was just a year old. Back then, the little girl would often get airsick—but not anymore. They already went to the United States, Australia, Japan, and China, and have visited provinces in the Philippines like Cebu, Bataan and now Palawan. They like going on road trips whenever time permits and stay at their Anvaya Cove property in Morong, Bataan.

Mom and daughter checking on Kalye Artisano stores for that pasalubong items to bring home

Pricilla’s bucket list

Now that she often travels with her daughter, she has become mindful of her needs, like medicines and travel insurance. When she used to travel alone, she was more spontaneous and had a totally different rhythm. “I didn’t observe proper meals, because I didn't want to waste time,” says the articulate mother, who can speak four languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, and is now learning French.

Priscilla and Anechka have enjoyed going to Lio beach together. Lio was perfect as it was such a great place to bring kids fort its cleanliness, safety, and having a bunch of restaurants and cafes to choose from. “Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach.”

Top destinations

Her top five destinations for nature and beauty are Boracay, Batanes, Palawan, the Ilocos region, and La Union. For cityscapes, her top choices are Brazil, Australia, Austria, Florida, and Japan.

Her travel bucket list includes Greece, Rome, Egypt, the Caribbean, countries with the “Northern Lights”—such as Alaska, parts of Canada, the southern half of Greenland, Iceland, northern Norway, Sweden and Finland—and the Holy Land.

Motherhood becomes her

Meirelles admits that motherhood was the best thing that ever happened to her, which made her kinder, aware of people’s feelings, more patient, tolerant, and compassionate of others. And the best part of all, it made me a mom.”

By being a mother, she can now love with all her heart, unconditionally, without being scared of getting hurt. “For the first time, it’s not about me—it’s all about her and for her.”

After seven years of marriage, she believes that “putting God in the center of the marriage and respecting each other is the secret of a happy married life.” And their favorite way of bonding together is playing golf.

Her dream for Anechka is that whatever path in life she chooses, she will always put God first, never forget to smile, and have fun along the way. “The best part of a journey is not the destination, but the journey itself.”

Indeed, Anechka has experienced love, joy, nurturing and protection. In fact, she chose the name Anechka because it means “God’s grace,” while the Sammanta is a Brazilian name.

Biking together. Priscilla to her Anechka: “She’s like my baby best friend.”

Travel offers people a chance to shed off their normal, everyday self. When they head out together, they deepen their relationship with an adventure they can share together. Definitely, Priscilla Meirelles de Almeida-Estrada and her beloved Sammanta Anechka always have a blast.

Text by: Ruby Asoy-Lebajo

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