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Underwater Paradise: Explore The Undiscovered

The Municipality of Mabini is a 1st class municipality in the province of Batangas, Philippines. Mabini has 34 Barangays with industrial, commercial and services, tourism, mining and fishery a primary source of income.

It is named after Apolinario Mabini- a Filipino revolutionary hero. Mabini is known for its diving and snorkeling sites.


The world is consisting of seventy percent (70%) body of water. Why limit yourself only for thirty percent 30%? And don’t you know that we have only 230 sea creatures discovered in the ocean and approximately 60 to 80 percent sea creatures are still undiscovered? Exploring the beauty of the underwater world is truly an amazing journey that is incomparable from land travel, that’s why the story of marine life is discovering the real joy within experiencing the sea creatures the moment you swim together with the fish and turtle that led you to experienced their world-their “natural habitat” is such a unique rare authentic piece of art that is so priceless.


Diving is a new luxury to get away the city jungle, social media pollution, and other worries that we cannot escape. Going down into the blue waters you will forget everything, just you and your thoughts. No phone calls. No wifi. No work deadlines to bother.


Not all divers have the same stories to tell, every dive is unique and that makes divers so eager to share their own stories and friendships started during a course (please see details)

Famous dive sites for beginners in freediving and scuba diving:

  1. Buddha (at Dive7000)-The Buddha is for beginners and also every new freediver’s to reach. This is the closest freediving site to the jump- off point. It is 8 meters deep during high tide and 6-7 meters during low tide. Some coaches do night dive in the buddha spot too.

  2. Famous Turtle Biboy - Biboy is a young hawksbill sea turtle wandering the waters of Batangas. He is a lot of many things to divers and he gives so much- joy,calmness,elegance. Biboy is the most fun turtle around the area because he is also exploring the water with curiosity and the darling of divers encouraging them to be more patience. Biboy touched the lives of the divers through profound connection and building unfathomable rapport.

(Source:Rustique Rue)

  1. Monte Carlo – This is located in front of Monte Carlo Dive Resort where you can explore the following underwater sites: Scooter and Motorcycle (4 to 6 meters deep), Toilet (5 to 8 meters deep), Two Boats (8 to 10 meters deep), Cross (15 to 18 meters deep) and Volkswagen. Suggested areas for beginners.

  2. The Hashtag at Aiyanar – Suggested for beginners (4 to meters deep)

  3. Twin Rocks – This could be reached via boat dive. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes travel time. A diving location where strong current towards the twin rock occurred and where the beauty of live corals must see and experience. Suggested areas for intermediate and advance dive.

  4. VistaMar- Dine in at VistaMar Table and Chairs (4 to 6 meters deep)– Suggested for beginners.

  5. Sepoc Island – live coral gardens on the other side and wide range of white sands (underwater) - Reachable via boat dive 20 to 30 minutes.

  6. Area 51 – Favorite site of the majority of the freediver for basic diving training course where they could learn introduction of scuba diving. This is the perfect site for night dive.

  7. The Cathedral and Castle in front of Ocean Camp – This is 15 to 20 meters deep. Suggested for immediate to advance diver.

Sea Creatures to Expect:

Resident Sea Turtles,Manta Rays, School of Jacks, Dolphins,Whalesharks,Eagle Ray

FOOD: Divers and Tourist Must Try!


Fresh whole coconut surface cut and mixed with colourful layered combinations of sweet beans and fruits. Poured the milk with grinded ice then the happy toppings, leche flan,ube halaya,ube ice cream and chocolate flavored stick O on top.


In 1968, To Kim Eng, a Chinese who came to live in Lipay City,became so fond of cooking Lomi for his mahjong friends. His Lomi tasted so good that became known for it and initiated the first Lomi Festival held in Sepetember 2010.

A type of Filipino noodle dish with thick yellow noodles served in gooey soup thickened by sweet potato starch topped with loads of pork meat,pork offal, chicharron, and kikiam.

History Source: History of Lomi in Lipa City of JR Carlos of

TRANSPORTATION: How to get there?

Ride a Jam Liner bus from Cubao or Buendia bound to Batangas Grand Terminal. Fare is Php170.00. Travel time is around 3-4 hours. From Bus Grand Terminal ride a jeepney to Mabini crossing for Php35.00 and charter a tricycle to any resorts for Php150.00 (whole tricycle) good for 4-5 person. And 2-3 hours for private vehicle.

ACCOMMODATION AND TRAINING: Where to stay and take a course?

1. Pier Uno Dive Resort is a family owned resort. It started as a rest house for the Crisostomo’s family and finally opened to the public in November 2005. The resort amenities features: outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, dining hall, where all meals are provided, on-site dive training by certified SDI dive instructors and dive masters and a dive shop where guests rent dive equipment.

The resort is situated in Anilao, Batangas. Within the Anilao Proper, in the municipality of Mabini.

Anilao, Batangas is two to three hours away from the busy streets of Metro Manila via the newly constructed skyway. It is a popular place for divers, and the snorkelers all year round.

Pier Uno Dive Resort is accredited by the Department of Tourism as a two-star resort and is accredited by the Philippine Commission on Sports Scuba Diving. We are also an accredited centre of SDI and SSI. We welcome other diving organizations such as PADI and CMAS.

2. Ocean Camp situated at Sitio Punta, Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas ,a newly opened tropical villas with registered divers in both scuba and freediving.

Owner: Fredierick Galo and Shekinah Armenta Amenities: Duplex native rooms, Dining, Kitchen, Comfort rooms and Shower areas

Ocean Camp is a recreational business service that aims to share diving experiences, affordable accommodation, good food, and pleasurable moments.

3. Diving Angels

Instructor's: Soo Jin Lee and Allan Mark Jones Dive master/ Under Water photographer: Sandra May D. Lee “We want people to discover the phenomenal beauty the ocean holds underwater. We want people to feel, see, and experience how amazing it is to dive. That will always be the purpose of Diving Angels, we want to give people the opportunity to see how the sea was beautifully created. With that said, we all know that scuba diving really comes with a cost and that is why we Diving Angels want to help passionate and devoted people to learn scuba diving at a very low cost because we believe that everyone deserves it.”

4. Sea Diver PH

Owner : Cerys Mesa, Hazel Caraan and Liz Florentino Dive Site Location : whole of Mabini, Batangas “Our goal is to passionately introduce Freediving and Scuba to all the people who are interested and are willing to explore the wonders of the underwater world, how it is to be like a mermaid even for a period of time. We don't just want to teach diving; we also make an advocacy to clean every site we visit.

Through our advocacy in mind, we want to give people an opportunity to see the true beauty and purpose of diving.”


This is a pilot project of Women of Global Change Foundation founded by Dame Shellie Hunt in Collaboration with Sea Diver Ph focused with coastal and ocean clean up

This is an advocacy training course named “Train,Clean, and Recycle Waste” in collaboration with JCI Caloocan Bantayog, JCI Anilao Batangas , PNP 404th Infantry, Project Care, Ocean Dive, Department of Tourism and Local Government Unit of Batangas, Blue, Glicoph, Casa Garcia Cosina, SogoCares, Aspire TV, Decathlon, and Rotary Club Makati.

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