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Visa-free entry to Taiwan now possible. Enjoy travel planning consultation right in Manila.

“Panahon sa Taiwan.” The Filipinos are having the best luck ever. The validity of 14-day visa-free treatment for traveling in Taiwan has been extended to July 31th, 2019. Lose no time in planning out your trip and setting off on a journey to Taiwan in whichever season you prefer. There are many things to do on this beautiful island throughout the entire year. In order to provide Filipinos with greater services, Taiwan Tourism Information Center Manila Office is officially established with specialists offering information about traveling in Taiwan from Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. starting from today.

Before departure, go to the office to claim your exclusive freebie with round-trip electronic ticket and a copy of two night legal lodging certificate. If you can not go there, it is also viable to mail the documents abovementioned together with a self-addressed and stamped envelope (which should be attached with sufficient amount of postage. the acceptable number of applicants is 1 to 5) to the office.

Taiwan, a country you must visit once in a lifetime, allows everybody to savor delicacies, go shopping, experience lively festival activities, and explore nature in the farms. The annual bicycle carnival “Come! Bikeday” held at Sun Moon Lake, which takes place from September 7th to November 8th, has already been bustling with excitement. The event combines tourism with culture, involving themed activities based on “Arts & Culture” supplemented by fireworks. The well-known band in Taiwan is invited to display a lively performance under dazzling and splendid fireworks. The high-quality feast formed by music, fireworks show, light and sound effects is surrounded by the romantic, attractive, natural landscape and seascape of Sun Moon Lake. Apart from the activities of romantic fireworks, there are energetic, dynamic sports events held on the spot as well. Enthusiastic friends from the Philippines should not miss participating in the classic highlights of “Sun Moon Lake Come! Bikeday Cycling Festival”, “Sun Moon Lake Marathon” and other exciting games. Look up for more information on

For those who enjoy relishing gourmet dishes, the season of plump and fresh autumn crab is at your service. Visit Wanli area in New Taipei City to taste the fat Wanli crabs (flower crab, three-spotted crab, and red king crab), freshly caught and delivered straight from the source. Various ways of eating are available to satisfy taste buds of the gourmands. After your stomach and appetite are gratified, go for a stroll in the celebrated Yehliu Geopark nearby, take some pictures and share your vacation!

There are tons of wonderful things to do in this country since Taiwan tends to hold a wide range of diverse events every month. The brand “Taiwan Tourism Events” launched by Taiwan Tourism Bureau collects and organizes all types of featured festivals and world-class activities, drawing domestic and foreign tourists to come and have fun by leisurely experiencing the natural landscape, the humanity warmth, the physical athletics tournament, the culture and arts, and the religious festivities of this lovely island throughout the whole year. Most important of all, to create valuable memories and wonderful time while traveling in Taiwan.

Follow the official website of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, a series of phenomenal activities will be launched.

Taiwan Tourism Information Center Manila Office

Address: Tower 1, 8th Floor, Highstreet South Corporate Plaza, 9th Avenue, corner 26th St, BGC, Taguig, Philppines.

Business hours: Mon-Fri 9:30-18:00

Contact number: (063) 925 788 7039

Taiwan Tourism Bureau KL office Manager Kuan Chia Ling Tel: +60-3-2070-6789

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