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5 Things You Should Know Before Using Retinol

Retinol, a powerful anti-aging ingredient, is widely used to address various skin concerns. Luxe Organix has recently launched its Retinol line, featuring products that combine the benefits of Retinol and Bakuchiol to reduce wrinkles, lines, scars, sun spots, and other imperfections. Before incorporating retinol into your skincare routine, it’s important to understand a few key things to ensure safe and effective usage.

1. Pea-sized Amount Application: Retinol is a potent an active ingredient. Even a small amount can provide significant benefits for the skin. Using more that needed may lead to unnecessary irritation or sensitivity especially if you are new to retinol or have a sensitive skin.

2. Best to use at night because of its sensitivity to sunlight. Overnight Treatment for Glowing Skin: The Advanced Retinol + Bakuchiol Overnight Glow Gentle Treatment Cream is designed to be used overnight. It contains a combination of Retinol, Bakuchiol, 5X Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, and Ceramides. This cream erases fine lines, promotes collagen production, deeply moisturizes, and boosts skin hydration while you sleep, leaving you with a radiant and youthful glow.

Luxe Organix Retinol, SRP: Php319 at Watsons stores

3. Look for Gentle and Safe Formula: Luxe Organix’s Advanced Retinol + Bakuchiol products have been formulated to be safe and non-irritating. The combination of Retinol and Bakuchiol provides powerful anti-aging properties without harsh side effects. This makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin as well.

Luxe Organix Retinol Serum, SRP: Php549 at Watsons stores

4. Targeted Eye Care: The Advanced Retinol + Bakuchiol Deep Wrinkle Eye Contour Overnight Cream specifically targets the delicate skin around the eyes. With a blend of Retinol, Bakuchiol, Botaniceutical Plus-10, Peptides, and Ceramides, it helps prevent wrinkles, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and keep the eye area hydrated and nourished.

Luxe Organix Retinol Eye Cream, SRP: Php 299 at Watsons stores

5. Don’t forget to use retinol on our body, too!

For that Comprehensive Anti-Aging Solution: For the ultimate anti-aging experience, Luxe Organix offers the Niacinamide + Retinol Cloud Soap. (add more description)

Luxe Organix Niacinamide + Retinol Cloud Soap, SRP: Php1999 at Watsons stores

Before using retinol, it is essential to choose products that are gentle, safe, and effective. Luxe Organix’s Advanced Retinol + Bakuchiol line offers a range of options to address specific skin concerns while providing hydration and anti-aging benefits. By understanding these key points, you can confidently incorporate retinol into your skincare routine and enjoy its remarkable effects on your skin.

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