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Fun Taiwan Workshop at Conrad Hotel, June 30

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Local tourism officials will experience the thrills of Taiwan in a special workshop organized by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau at the Conrad Hotel.

Visitors will enjoy captivating circus performances, authentic Taiwanese snacks, the famous Bubble Milk Tea even participate in fun activities that showcase Taiwanese culture.

Guests will have a chance to savor the popular shaved Ice with red beans and milk, summer snack. Made from carefully selected Wan-Dan red beans, regarded as being the best in quality, the beans are simmered for hours and then cooked into a soft pulpy paste. The red paste is mixed with creamy condensed milk and layered on finely shaved ice.

Red beans

The quality of Wan Dan beans and other agricultural products is strictly maintained as farm lands are highly supported by the government and are also in the list of unique tourist attractions.

Mr. Abe Chou, Director of Taiwan Tourism Bureau Malaysia will share the inspiring role of the Leisure Farms Development Association, New Taipei City Government, Taiwan Trade Center, and Eva Air in transforming the country into a dynamic tourist destination and why travelers cannot get enough of Taiwan’s stunning landscapes, rich history, delicious street food, fun night market experience and other interesting places.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau will participate in the 10th Philippines TME (Travel Madness Expo) from June 30 to July 2 at the SMX Convention Center Manila. The Taiwan pavilion promises to be a real treat. Designed like the globally popular milk tea it includes trendy impressions of famous sites like Rainbow Zebra Crossing in Ximending, Taipei 101’s night view and Yehliu’s Queen’s Head. The organizers also invited Filipino YouTuber “the Poor Traver” and popular Influencer Hazel Quing to share their memorable Taiwan experience.

Currently, visitors from the Philippines can enjoy visa-free entry. Foreign independent travelers can also join the ongoing promo of the Taiwan Tourism Board, and win pre-paid e-tickets or hotel vouchers for their Taiwan trip.

Log on to the event website within seven days before your flight to Taiwan. Proceed to the event area at the airport arrival hall and the present the QR Code for the lucky draw. You can win as much as NT$ 5000 worth of pre-paid e-tickets and hotel vouchers.

Group travelers with at least four members and who are staying in Taiwan for at least three days and two nights, can also enjoy incentives from NT $ 5,000 – NT$50,000. Visit for details. To learn more about Taiwan Tourism Workshop and Accelerated and Expanded Inbound Tourism Promotion Program you may, visit and follow their official Facebook Page at and their official website

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