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“Fashion Trends for the Go Safe, Go Getter”

Edgar Buyan Banig and Panghimagas series

Wear your Culture Masks and PPEs “Support local” and “wear your culture” movement, even prior to the pandemic, is being heralded by nationalists and the fashion-forward in their daily wear. But with the virus that has hit the shores, we have added another layer of clothing in our wardrobe. The facemask culture was born out of necessity to keep ourselves and the people around us safe.

Davao’s renowned designer, Edgar Buyan, has truly taken the new normal items up a notch by incorporating his style and signature prints to make the protective gears more aesthetic. Buyan’s memorable mask line ranges from his traditional Filipino illustrations of the banig series, ethnic weave series to something more contemporary like his Pinoy pop culture series with graphic prints of the panghimagas candies of our youth and Filipino superhero series to fight off the virus.

Edgar Buyan Pinoy Super Hero

Multi-purpose Protective Gears

Another notable local fashion designer - John Guarnes, shared his story of creating trendy PPEs. He uses microfiber materials that are water resistant to prevent external liquids from seeping through and is easy to wipe clean. The versatility and bold colors of his collection are perfect if you are aiming for a more playful look that can uplift your mood.

You may also tone it down with your go-to athleisure pieces if they have easy-to-clean fabrics such as polyester, plastic, or leather.

Ms Pearl - in Renee Salud PPE

The New Entrepreneur

Friends of designers also became distributors of the wardrobe essentials to help in sustaining and maintaining the sewists and to serve as an alternative revenue stream, especially for the displaced workers. Ms. Pearl Maclang, a hotelier, has used this opportunity to help her longtime friend Mama Renee Salud, to keep the business afloat by reselling Tatak Salud masks and PPEs to her family and friends.

John Guarnes PPE

Fashion is an integral element of our culture and indeed a reflection of what is happening around us. However, the global situation may be, we must stay safe and fashionable. Make sure you have got your requirements ready and GCQ essentials before heading out to your destination.

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