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Beating the odds as cities shut down amid the spreading coronavirus pandemic, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Tea founders, Mark Dela Rosa, Joy Dela Rosa, and Kailah Catibog recall how following the tune of their hearts led to the launching of a now growing milk tea and coffee business a year ago.

Mark can still remember how it felt when he took that big leap of faith when he ventured into this beverage business, which was playfully named after a song they randomly heard on the radio—the Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, which was also a soundtrack of the movie Armageddon. Mark, Joy and Kailah likened their journey to braving a year full of uncertainties while belting high notes until they finally got the right pitch and having forged a bond stronger than that of kins, siblings, and partners. They worked in harmony to concoct the signature I Don’t Wanna Miss A Tea flavors and services.

With milk teas setting a trend in home deliveries and gaining a growing popularity across the country, I Don’t Wanna Miss A Tea seemed to have come at a perfect time, more so, with the surge in on-demand food and beverage services due to the lockdowns. Hence, Mark, Joy, Kailah, and their band of milk tea connoisseurs sought to find the perfect blend of flavors, sweetness, and creamy goodness for their milk tea recipes. Made with quality ingredients, these refreshing, and distinctly flavorful beverages can surely hit the right spot!

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