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Living a Fuller Life with Fullerton Health

By Cesar Cruz Jr. 

If you could only have one, what would you choose - a healthcare package or the latest smartphone? Though most Filipinos would agree that health is wealth, medical checkups are not always seen as a top priority. 

Carmie De Leon, country general manager of Radlink Ph and Fullerton Health, is proud to introduce a breakthrough concept that is new to the Philippines. The Singapore-based healthcare company has the first-ever executive health screening facility in BGC. “What sets us apart is the kind of journey that the client will experience - all by appointment, no waiting time. We value your time, so we make sure you will be treated immediately and finished in three hours, like attending one of your many meetings,” Carmie voiced. Gone are the days when a patient would be lining up with sick people and waiting for long hours. In this modern approach, a dedicated executive-class pod will be assigned to each client. Their clients benefit from the seamless process because of the integration of their clinic management system with laboratory, radiology, and medical records. Worth noting is that medical results are explained comprehensively and in a friendly manner by their doctors. The results come with predictive analysis that states the kind of illness one is predisposed to when lifestyle change is not taken. Likewise, a lifestyle medicine expert will be guiding its clients through the process, even recommending some wellness interventions. 

World-class Excellence 

The global standard of Fullerton Health Singapore is replicated in the Philippines. As a result, it is constantly expanding its ecosystem as it works closely with doctors, even outside its network. Through the doctors’ valuable inputs and recommendations, the company aims to give its clients better service and a more holistic offering. Furthermore, Fullerton Health prioritizes preventive care and wellness programs to promote the health and wellness of its clients. “We take part in reinforcing wellness in the workplace. We work with HRs and CEOs to educate them on the value of having a more comprehensive approach. If you don’t know your numbers, if you don’t know what is happening to your employees, you cannot take one step ahead,” Carmie shared. The healthcare company is working with several institutions like the People Management Association of the Philippines, the group of HRs, and the group of CEOs. 

Thanks to Fullerton Health, executive health screening is gaining renewed appeal. It has made its clinic more attractive to the young generation and even to senior citizens through its posh and homey ambience. In the process, it is slowly carving its niche in making their service a part of the lifestyle of every Filipino family. 

Booking an executive health screening is easy through the app, LiveFuller. Truly, health is in your hands.

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