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“Making the Most of the Quarantine Season”

Staying indoors together is the “new normal” at home and has created vast opportunities to strengthen family ties. Families are united now and have more time to connect and enjoy bonding moments only done on rare occasions. Add to this the fact that most now find themselves having to work home, a new paradigm that is totally foreign for someone who is used to a 9am-6pm weekday routine.

As it is a time to reflect and be cautious for safety reasons, this quarantine season is also a great time to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. So how else do we make the most out of the quarantine season with much time spent at home?

Staying indoors shouldn’t stop family activities from happening. Staying inside the comforts of your home becomes a more relaxed and comfortable environment with a Hisense split type air conditioner around.

As a trusted brand, Hisense is like a family household member you can rely on. Its innovative features make it one ‘smart’ air conditioner. Its DC Inverter Technology minimizes energy consumption along with higher energy efficiency.

With the “Super Cooling” feature, you will immediately feel the cool air you desire. . Now, binge watching favorite shows and movies weekly with the brood is more relaxing and hassle-free. If you prefer karaoke, belting out ballads or rock numbers with siblings couldn’t be a happier activity.

Hisense’s High-Density Filter removes more than 90% dust and other particles from the air, allowing you and the kids to safely have playtime activities such as and do your favorite board games. And even if the AC is off, the indoor fan will continue running for 30 seconds inhibiting mildew.

You can totally depend on Hisense in all your bonding moments indoors during this quarantine season. After all, it is all about the family.

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