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Mention of Unilever Philippines was unintentional -- LTSI

Life Transport Services, Inc. (LTSI), a leading name in the transport solutions industry, said that in one of the articles that came out about it recently, another company was inadvertently included as part of its roster of clients.

LTSI averred that the inclusion of Unilever Philippines in the article as a client was purely unintentional and was simply plain oversight on LTSI’s part. The company further stated that it had no intention of besmirching the reputation of Unilever Philippines and had already issued an apology.

The article, which talked about LTSI and its experience in the transport industry, was published in a couple of traditional and online media organizations. However, Unilever Philippines took note of the portion that stated LTSI being the transport solutions provider of the company, which it deemed incorrect and inappropriate since there is no existing agreement between Unilever Philippines and LTSI at the moment.

LTSI is a familiar name in the transport services industry in the Philippines. It provides transport solutions to some of the country’s major brands and companies, particularly in the manufacturing and tourism industries, among others.

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