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Montgomery Fitch Continues Expansion Push, Opens in Mongolia and Cambodia

Ganzorig Dolingor, Zack Batsaikhan, Geraldine Samson, Luis Arcangel and Enkhzul Orgodol

Montgomery Fitch + Holdings continued its aggressive foray into emerging markets by establishing representative operations in Ulaanbaatar and Phnom Penh respectively. The multinational holdings firm comprised of six independent subsidiaries holds diversified interests in applied technology, advertising, digital media, events management, content production, personal growth and political affairs.

According to Chairman and CEO Luis Arcangel, “our investments in the region speak for themselves. We are underscoring our commitment to these up-and-coming economies, and by all indications these markets are projected to grow substantially over the next few years so we like where we are at right now”.

Fitch + Ulaanbaatar carries at least three companies within the group portfolio and is led by country Managing Partner Enkhzul Orgodol, a noted social entrepreneur and emerging expert in developing markets. She is also the founder of Doing Business In Asia Alliance, a Mongolia-based international business association that specializes in identifying strategic opportunities for SME’s across the region. The group also works with media platform Unread LLC as its principal mounting partner. Headed by its CEO Ganzorig Dolingor, the consortium successfully mounted Social Media Week Ulaanbaatar which served as the initial launch of the popular conference franchise in the country.

Seyla Mao, Rathlida Pisith Tak, Luis Arcangel and Prashanta Pradhan

Fitch + Phnom Penh is handled by representative partner Prashanta Pradhan, a business strategist and policy adviser who has advised governments at the highest level in Southeast Asia. The domestic operation also works with events agency VR Event Planner as its principal mounting partner, led by its Executive Chairman Rathlida Pisith Tak. The group has already held several successful events within the Montgomery Fitch portfolio, with several more in the pipeline.

Arcangel adds that “we continue to identify possible markets where our services and licensing driven-portfolio could be a good fit” while confirming that the holdings group is currently in preliminary discussions for opportunities in Central Europe and Western Asia to round out its medium-term outlook.

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