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Ovialand Inc.

Premier Living for Every Filipino

Ovialand Inc., (OLI), a premier residential developer south of Luzon, has been fulfilling its promise of a good life for hundreds of Filipino families with the launch of its pioneer premier residential project, the Terraza de Sto. Tomas in 2015. Driven by its mission of delivering  a “Premier Living Experience,” OLI expanded its residential business in Laguna with Sannera.  It will soon add Caliya in Quezon province to its roster of  premier communities.

Ovialand’s premier residential projects combine convenience and luxury.  Important amenities in every community make for a  premier living experience to last a lifetime.

Premier for Community

Many Filipinos dream of a safe, convenient and quiet place their families can call home.  They want a place where every member of the family can grow and help fast track the community’s progress.

Ovialand’s strategic, well-designed communities empower people by providing modern amenities and spaces where they can enjoy life to the hilt.   Ovialand communities – with their charming, rustic vibe, well-manicured lawns and pocket gardens -- are designed with Filipino families in mind. This private paradise at the heart of each locality offers  the serenity and security growing families need.

Premier Service

Ovialand lives up to its brand commitment of providing a “Premier Living Experience”  from the moment a client makes inquiries to the time he or she  moves into any of the new premier homes.

“We always make sure our initial steps are correct, so we won’t waste our clients’ and our teams’  precious time. Most first-time home buyers have a lot of worries and questions.  We at Ovialand address each of these concerns from the earliest stage of each transaction. We make everything run smoothly, while keeping that ‘premier’ experience in mind,” Ovialand Inc. President Fatima “Pammy” Olivares-Vital shares.

Improved on-site and off-site assistance keeps Ovialand in step with every homeowners’ needs. Ovialand resumed operations in May, as community quarantine eased in the provinces where it operates.  It boosted its online presence to continue providing much-needed support and reinforcement to its people and customers. It launched other online channels to answer the company’s marketing needs and continue disseminating information to its staff and communities.  This is because the safety and security of its people and customers are Ovialand’s top concerns as well.

“We value our people more than anything. Being in the construction business for quite a while has made us doubly aware of the need to ensure the safety and security of every person we’re working with.  We pledge to continue looking after our people, since doing so helped us reach our current stature as a company,” Olivares-Vital adds.

Guided by its thorough understanding of the Filipinos’ growing needs and aspirations as well as the demands of the future generation,  Ovialand continues to develop its brand of “Premier Living Experience” through its latest projects in Laguna and Quezon.

Homes in The Sannera, in San Pablo City, Laguna exude that modern minimalist feel.  Single detached and quad units characterize the first phase, while townhouses and duplexes make up the second phase.

Townhomes and duplex units in the newly launched Caliya in Candelaria, Quezon adhere to a Filipino-Spanish theme.

Families will love Sannera and Caliya’s  outstanding amenities – a swimming pool, clubhouse, pocket parks and playground, basketball court and jogging and fitness stations to keep everyone fit and healthy.

These new developments, including  Terraza de Sto. Tomas, are located near areas that are essential for Filipino families:  major roads, markets, malls, churches, schools, hospitals and convenience stores.

“A house and lot for the family is a milestone for every Filipino.  That’s why we stay committed in turning this milestone into a memorable, premier experience our customers will cherish as they lead new lives in our communities,”  Olivares-Vital concludes.

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