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Sinclair Makaw Sparks a Renaissance in Filipino Artistry

By. Cesar Cruz Jr

A transformative masterpiece is taking shape—one that not only weaves vibrant narratives on canvas but also profoundly impacts lives. Leading this creative renaissance is the groundbreaking collaboration between Sinclair and eight Filipino artists, breathing new life into the realm of artistry.

Meet Alfon Casabuena, also known as Box Populi, a seasoned architect turned canvas virtuoso. His artistic journey took an unexpected turn during the pandemic, shifting his focus from blueprints to the dynamic world of canvas art. In the midst of this artistic metamorphosis, Sinclair's Makaw emerged, offering not only a spectrum of colors but an unparalleled artistic experience that resonated with Alfon's architectural roots.

Makaw grants artists like Alfon the freedom to effortlessly explore a kaleidoscope of hues. Alfon envisions a future where Sinclair Makaw becomes synonymous with wall art in the Philippines. He believes Makaw is poised to revolutionize this niche, signaling a paradigm shift in the local paint industry.

Alfon Casabuena is just one luminary in the constellation of Sinclair Makaw Obra artists—a cadre of eight remarkable talents from diverse corners of the Philippines.

Enter Maestro Tom Alvarado, a singing painter whose brushwork weaves tales through murals, portraits, surreal art, and abstracts. His influence extends beyond the canvas, actively engaging with communities, inspiring young artists to bolster Filipino support for the arts.

John Melvin Garcia, a nature-inspired artist, immortalizes the beauty of the environment through acrylic on canvas, raising awareness about the imperative to protect our "Tahanan" (home).

Gary Montenegro, a self-taught artist and bookstore owner, masterfully combines color, texture, and symbolism to depict life's challenges and nuances.

Jan Erwin Jabolin, the president of Kulay ng Pitong Lawa, nurtures young talents in San Pablo, Laguna, using acrylic paint to breathe life into his art.

Flores "Fleur" Ednave Mistica, a freelance artist from Candelaria, Zambales, paints picturesque landscapes that kindle childhood imagination.

Reyshane James "RJ" D. Tejada, a co-founder of OBRA Zambaleño, transforms sketching into vibrant expressions of hope and resilience.

Erwin B Griño, a mural artist from Silang, Cavite, paints stories of poverty, hope, and the human spirit, envisioning the transformation of his town into a vibrant canvas of Filipino art.

These artists, united by Sinclair Makaw Obra, are not merely creating art; they are spearheading a movement. Their collective initiatives promise to create a ripple effect, fostering pride and joy in communities across the Philippines.

Their artworks were recently showcased at Philconstruct Manila 2023 at SMX Convention Center Manila and the World Trade Center Manila.

As Sinclair Makaw Obra unfolds, it heralds the commencement of an inspiring journey, transcending boundaries to showcase Filipino artistry and ingenuity on the global stage. The canvas is evolving, and with Sinclair Makaw, so are the lives it touches.

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