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SM Markets brings home the taste of Australia

(left to right) - Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner Mr. Christopher Lim, SM Supermarket President Mr. Jojo Tagbo, Australian Ambassador Her Excellency HK Yu, Coles General Manager of Exports and Wholesale Dr. Will Mullholand, and SM Hypermarket President Mr. Arnold Daluz – officially announced Coles and SM Markets partnership

SM Markets is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with Coles, one of Australia's most beloved supermarket chains. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for food retail as SM introduces a curated selection of premium Coles products, offering its shoppers an authentic taste of Australia. 

Australian Ambassador Her Excellency HK Yu, SM Markets and Coles executives with the Coles Clique

Recognizing a shared purpose centered around helping shoppers eat and live better, the collaboration between the two supermarket giants is set to bring a whole new and exciting experience of unique flavors from the land down under. By combining their strengths, these two supermarket giants not only bring more great selection of affordable and quality products but also foster a cultural exchange, allowing Filipinos to savor the flavors of Australia without leaving the Philippines.

With a significant number of OFWs and immigrants calling Australia their second home and a growing number of Filipino tourists exploring its beauty, Australian products have found a special place in the hearts of many Filipinos. Made more accessible, shoppers can enjoy hundreds of Coles products nationwide now that these are exclusively available in all SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore branches.

The best of Coles selection now at SM groceries

Coles, one of the established supermarket brands in Australia with over 800 branches, comes to the Philippines for the very first time giving Pinoys the chance to experience Aussie flavors at home. Coles products ranging from cookies, chocolate bars, milk, Australian honey, coffee, tea, and cereals to baking needs, condiments, hearty soups, tasty liquid stocks, and more, can now be found on the shelves of SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, and Savemore stores as Coles’ sole distributors in the Philippines. 

From an initial 50 stores, Coles is now available in all 339 branches of SM Markets starting this January 2024. As it expands Coles availability nationwide, it has also expanded the product line to over 300 items across different categories bringing home the best of Coles selection. 

Australian Ambassador Her Excellency HK Yu, SM Markets and Coles executives officially reveal the big cart of Coles items. – revealed the grocery cart filled with Coles products exclusively sold at SM.

Shoppers can also look forward very soon to a new and exciting category, frozen goods, featuring Coles Chocolate Lava Cake, Spinach Feta and Ricotta Roll, Margherita Pizza, Fish Cake and more.  Apart from these are must-try bestsellers and novelty items including Coles Ultimate Choco Chip Cookies, Muesli Summer Fruits, Chicken Noodle Soup packet, Almond and Full Cream Milk, Canned Asparagus Spears, and Pure Australian Honey Squeeze. 

What’s more, the Australian brand is not just of excellent quality but is practical and budget-friendly enough to be included in shoppers’ weekly grocery lists for everyday use.  For those who will shop online, they can also enjoy various Coles items through or Grab app. 


Coles Clique launched at SM Supermarket Aura

In a recent launch event at SM Supermarket Aura, SM Markets was thrilled to announce the formation of Coles Clique, an exclusive group of key opinion leaders (KOLs) with a diverse spectrum of lifestyles, interests, and cultural backgrounds. From food enthusiasts and wellness advocates to tech experts and fashion mavens, Coles Clique members collectively bring a broad array of perspectives to the table, uniting to embark on a unique journey to experience and share the excellence of Coles products from Australia. 

 SM x Coles Clique: the Coles Clique (from left to right) Khris "Kuya Json" Lopena, JR Cantimbuhan, Miguel "Juan Big Bite", Thea Tolentino, Bea Borres, Tiney DC, Ciara Magallanes, Miguel Echano, Bea Escudero, and Thomas Torres, together with Australian Ambassador Her Excellency HK Yu, and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner Mr. Christopher Lim showed off some of Coles best sellers. 

As these influencers embark on this journey, they will document their experiences across various platforms, including social media, blogs, and other digital channels. Coles Clique members will play a pivotal role in showcasing the versatility and quality of Coles products to a wider audience.

“Coles at SM Markets is not just about groceries; it is a journey that connects two vibrant cultures through the universal language of food. Each item reflects the rich heritage and food quality that Coles brings to your table.  A taste that would transport you to other places and would also bring you back to the comfort of your homes,” said SM Supermarket president Mr. Jojo Tagbo. 

The Coles Clique with the Australian Ambassador Her Excellency HK Yu, PSM.

“This collaboration (of SM Markets with Coles) is only a beginning of establishing bridges from nations to nations to deliver a good array of food products to shoppers without leaving the country,” he added.

The launch was attended by SM Markets executives, Coles General Manager of Exports and Wholesale, Dr. Will Mullholand, and the Australian Ambassador Her Excellency HK Yu, PSM, underscoring the significance of this international partnership. 

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