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The fascinating world of Kendra Kramer

From a charming kiddie model to a gorgeous teener, the center stage is now set for Kendra Kramer. The eldest child of a celebrity couple, actress-model Cheska Garcia- Kramer, and basketball Star Doug Kramer, the influential teener is no stranger to the public eye. Apart from her constant exposure via their Team Kramer family vlog, she has over 900k followers on her Instagram account.

Well-loved not only for her looks, but her fun and loving zest for life, amid all the public attention, Kendra manages to enjoy being a teenager. In the recent family vlog, Kendra joined her Dad on a road trip where they happily talked about the traits they have in common, like their love for sport. “You look exactly like me,” Doug emphasized, and the young influencer couldn’t agree more. When asked if she had a crush in school, “no, my standards are set too high’ was her quick reply. This earned a thumbs-up gesture from Daddy Doug.

She may have a lot on her plate compared to other teens, but Kendra always finds time to focus on what she loves. Like Mommy Cheska, Kendra is seriously into swimming. She is part of her school’s swimming team and religiously trains every day. In a recent magazine interview, there was an exceptional spark in her eyes, as she talked about her love for the sport. ‘Swimming is really fun,” she said, and even plans to continue training until she’s in college. Apart from swimming, Kendra does arnis and takes ballet, singing, and drum- playing lessons.

Amid the glitter of a promising career ahead, Kendra knows the value of prioritizing her family and the importance of guiding her siblings Scarlet and Gavin. In an interview she shared “ I don’t really impose, because they might find it annoying. I don’t use words, but I use my actions as an example for them,” she said. Just like her parents, she is passionate about enriching her spiritual faith. In their vlog, she often shares devotional verses with her siblings.

Kendra is aware that having a growing number of social media followers entails a lot of responsibilities, this includes looking good and feeling fresh at all times. On busy days, Kendra relies on Deonat Deodorant Spray. Made from real tawas, and 100% natural, she has been using since it she was 12 years old.

Deonat is highly approved by Mommy Cheska because it has no harmful chemicals and proven to be very safe for teens. It comes in a spray bottle, so the application is contactless. Unlike other brands, it is non-darkening and non-staining plus it’s alcohol and paraben-free. Recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists kids as young as 6 years can safely use it regularly. Deonat is the No. 1 Natural Whitening Deodorant in Watsons for 3 years in a row.

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