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The Filipino’s Favorite Pie

Chef Elton, Balai Palmera Buko Pie Head Chef

No one can deny how Buko Pie has revolved and transcended from one generation to another. From its sweet and silky-smooth filling to its flaky and buttery crust, Buko Pie is definitely the must-have “pasalubong” when coming from the southern provinces of Cavite and Laguna.

As local and international tourists continue to enjoy this homey treat, Buko Pie remains a top favorite choice of dessert. This pie has also brought Balai Plamera Restaurant and Pasalubong Center to where it is right now. Complementing the rich and timeless flavor of this local dessert, Balai Palmera is must-visit store in Silang, Cavite that is ready to share wonderful home-cooked Filipino dishes, pastries and snacks that are made to bring pride not only to our local food, but also to our nation.

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