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The Manila Coworking Advantage

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

By: Cesar Cruz Jr.

With the origin of coworking spaces dating back to 1995 in Berlin, the need for flexible office space has quickly spread far and wide across the working world. The Philippines is no exception to this as it has embraced this new and innovative way of working. In fact, Metro Manila alone boasts of having more than 135 flexible office models that cater to the need of small businesses, remote workers, freelancers, startups, students, and even large organizations.

Coworking spaces has its own unique set of appeal and benefits. For one, it gives a sense of community and a conducive environment for collaboration and networking opportunities. As a result, the space inspires creativity, improves interpersonal skills, and adds a boost in productivity. Furthermore, it offers agility for activity-based working. One can utilize regular workstations, private corners, quiet zones, common work areas, meeting rooms, and more. Best of all, it presents a cost-saving option compared to long-term lease of traditional office spaces.

In the City of Manila, Manila Coworking deserves a look in this department. The company is under VelcoAsia Management Corporation (VMA), a Philippine enterprise consisting of 15 member companies with over 350 regular employees and over 7,000 project-based employment.

Distinctly Manila

“This is our headquarters and Manila has a special place in our founder’s portfolio. He started his entrepreneurial career here. In essence, the port area is like the Philippine’s first economic zone. This is where everything really mushroomed out of. So coworking is really a good fit in the area,” Mario Veloso, Vice President of VMA, said.

Manila Coworking is located at 2/F Bachrach Building II Corner 23rd and, Railroad Dr., Port Area. Its strategic location makes it close to residential areas of Metro Manila which gives more flexibility to employees and more benefits to companies. Its close proximity to different government agencies is also a main selling point.

“The Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs, Manila City Hall, they are near in this area. You can make Manila Coworking your home for three months and have easy access to all. Manila is still cheaper compared to Makati and BGC “, he explained.

A Solid Partnership

Manila Coworking handled the communities and channels it could utilize to promote itself. The co-working has a gross floor area of 1,400 sqm and an open plan layout covering approximately 400 sqm. The center also has an access to a training room/auditorium that can seat 80 complete with professional grade acoustics.

Among the clients of Manila Coworking are Stylish Magazine, Starlight, Innobank, D'Ringlight, Virtual Support Wizards, and Experience Travel and Living.

Plans for 2023

“We are partnering with VIP Community Membership. We are targeting different startup companies to help them give more exposure to the brand. We plan to have a Brokers Night. We will be introducing to brokers the SEO people who are focused on the digital movement. We are currently in talks with the freelance movement. They are an organization of freelancers who are also into using coworking spaces, freelance area,” the executive mentioned.

To kick it up a notch, Manila Coworking is offering a 30% discount on all its services from November through December! In addition, it offers and assists its client in creating a customizable startup package called Basic Sole Proprietor Package.

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