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What to find at Mountain Lake in Cavinti, Laguna? Let us count the ways

A big swing to golf greatness at the world-class golf course at Mountain Lake

By the time we entered the complex, we sensed an indescribable aura, plus the fact that there was a heavy downpour with strong gusts of wind, it drove us to ask: “What is Mountain Lake Resort?”

To satiate our curiosity, the Experience Travel and Living team sat down with David Du, Vice President for Operations of Mountain Lake Resort to tell us more.

A scenic view to quench your soul's thirst for peace and calm


Mountain Lake Resort consistently features the warmth of the people of Laguna and its natural wonders. Lakes, mountains, flourishing flora and fauna, caves and waterfalls. “I don’t know of any resort in the country with 2 golf courses on top of a cool and pristine mountain, in between 2 lakes, 21 caves and 11 waterfalls within its 15-kilometer radius.”

It's not a sin to drool just by looking at this sumptuous meal


“Our restaurant has a wide scenic view of its surroundings, a spacious and airy clubhouse that’s clean, easy and again Cavinti hospitality. Our menu’s uniqueness is in the quality. Gourmands consider our Pinakbet as the best, aside from our Crispy Pata and Giant Bulalo. Greats chefs told me that if the food won’t make people react “my God, ang Sarap” then it’s mediocre. If it’s good, they will say the price is good; if it’s not, they will say it’s expensive, and will never come back. Our head chef and resto supervisor themselves buy the ingredients to ensure freshness and good quality. We have buffet for groups and a la carte for families and friends. I always say if you doubt the freshness of the ingredient, don’t serve. Always serve with right temperature and right visuals. Always suggest options for optimal food matching and serve like you are serving your parents.”

Green all around to rest your tired eyes


Total land area is 700 hectares situated on top of a plateau 1,200 feet above sea level strategically located in between pristine and scenic lakes with dotted islands and a clear view of Mt. Banahaw. Temperature is between 2-5 degrees lower than sea level providing cool breeze all year round. It has 2 world-class championship golf courses designed by Arnold Palmer and Graham Marsh with a clubhouse complete with sauna and jacuzzi.

A peaceful ride along the lake brings joy to the senses


“Our staff is raised (‘learn as they go’) based on three behavioral guides: Treat your guests as if they were your parents or siblings, always extend an extra mile of service, and life is short (enjoy your work, be happy and you will move up the organization quickly). Our focus is to provide our customers with 6-star warm Cavinti culture, where “6 stars” mean with heart and passion to attract families or guests who just want to relax, chill out and have great memories.

Some of the boathouses at Mountain Lake bring a different meaning to vacations


The resort has 21 hotel rooms, 20 Amihan huts and 4 boat houses with a capacity of 300 guests, with very reasonable rates for a win-win situation both for guests and the company. Rooms are creatively designed by local talent and are warm, clean, with a great housekeeping service, manned by mostly Filipino staff. At the end of the day, it is the service we are proud of.

David Du, Vice President for Operations of Mountain Lake Resort

Vision for the future

Since we started Mountain Lake 6 years ago, the name Cavinti has come into prominence and with our ongoing projects like The Hamptons (lakeside lifestyle community), a new and better 800-person capacity team-building camp, a new sports clubhouse and 100-room hotel, we are very positive in our vision to make Mountain Lake a future destination for all markets, from office workers to families and the high-end market, international and local patrons. These, I think, will contribute to the awareness and branding of scenic Laguna.

In all the products that we have planned, we focused on 3 things: how to bring out the beauty of the place, how to provide memorable experiences, and how to make customers feel they own the place. Once these projects are done, Cavinti will become an important anchor of the south.

Mountain Lake Resort is at Brgy. East Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna, Philippines 4013. Call (+632) 7230781 to 88 local 120 & 121. Mobile numbers: Globe: +63 9178360717 & +63 9952197807; Smart: +63 9296908115 &+63 9989893832. Direct (02) 257-2244 or E-mail: Visit for details.

By Rory Visco

Photos By Saralee Abesamis / Julz Salting

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