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A Beauty Vacation in the City

Everyone deserves to have a break, however the high cost of spas and other relaxing treatments may not be advisable for the budget conscious.

Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa along Scout Bayoran and corner Tomas Morato Extension in Quezon City offers the latest pampering solutions that are easy on the budget. A haven for beauty treatments and services, Mecca has the latest in world-class machine treatment systems from the US, Europe, and Korea.

Offering top-of-the-line beauty treatments for the past 8 years, the unique menu of beauty services was developed by its founder Mars Balajadia and patterned after her favorite spas abroad. “When I travel, I usually go to the spa and try the services and when I like something, I get bits and pieces of the service. When I come back, I combine all of them. I am really a spa-goer, I love having massages, I love being pampered that’s why I want to share my experiences, the joy I feel,” she said.

Balajadia admits that the spa business can be very competitive that’s why she makes it a point to offer unique services to her clients.

To address the problems of the younger generation she sought inputs from her millennial staff. “Most of them said dark underarms and acne. They also said they don’t know where to go to address these problems. Some even think it’s expensive. And so these became the cornerstone of Mecca. A spa that caters to the young generation without breaking the bank. I want to be able to provide top-quality yet inexpensive services.”

Growing up, Balajadia knows that skin problems can affect one’s confidence and self-esteem. When she built Mecca, her objective was to help her clients build their confidence. With services like acne treatments, underarm whitening, slimming, even a simple massage she wants everyone to feel at home upon entering Mecca. She didn’t want the clinic to be intimidating. Even her staff are extra attentive. They make sure that every client is given extra special care.

“I envision Mecca to be a beauty paradise where you can come in and have a beauty vacation. When you leave you feel relaxed, refreshed, or at least be a better version of yourself.”

A first in the industry

What sets Mecca apart is its 16-seater theater spa, the only one in the city, and a favorite of clients. They get full reflexology and foot spa services while watching a movie. In most spas, Balajadia says you don’t get to enjoy the services so she decided to combine the two things she loves most—massage and watching movies, which gave birth to the spa theater.

Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa’s highlight treatment is the Eximia, a lipo-lifting machine from Italy. Mecca is the only one in the Philippines that offers this treatment. The machine follows a four-step process that melts body fat, tones the skin, and contours in just 7 days. They also have RevLite for underarm whitening and acne marks, RF Microneedling for stretch marks and acne scars, Hifu, the latest technology for lifting, and the Aqua Peel that eliminates blackheads and whiteheads minus the painful extraction.

Since it’s a beauty vacation, they offer massage treatments like Brazilian Hot stone, Indian Mandara, even the traditional Filipino hilot. Mecca Flow, the signature massage, is a combination of all. “I want the massage to be a little bit of Swedish, Shiatsu and other popular massages, the Indian Head Massage, and foot reflexology, which became Mecca Flow. We even use Dagdagay sticks from Baguio to target pressure points. This 90-minute massage is really, really relaxing.”

This early, Balajadia is excited with the expansion opportunities. She plans to open another branch in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Hopefully she can have more branches around Metro Manila and, even outside the country. “I know it’s going to be tough because it will entail a lot of work.”

So if you want to relax without having to leave the country, why not go to Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa? Enjoy their wide range of head-to-toe services.

Mecca Aesthetic Clinic and Spa is located at 238 Scout Bayoran corner Tomas Morato Extension, Quezon City. Visit their website, or call (02) 794 5036. Follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram (@meccaaesthetic).

By Rory Visco

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