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A Roaring Good Time at the Zoobic Safari

By Cesar Cruz Jr.

On our way to Morong, Bataan, for a family outing, we couldn't pass up the chance to visit Zoobic Safari. As our trusty van navigated the forested area of Subic Bay, we grew excited at the sight of monkeys crossing the road and black crows flying overhead. "It seems we are visiting the animals in their natural habitat," I told my family.

After securing our tickets, we headed to the special interactive animal show. A lady host called for adult and kid volunteers to carry animals like a lizard, a snake, and the Palawan bear cat. The highlight was unveiling the Burmese Python, one of the largest snake species, long enough for three volunteers to hold it side by side. More than just getting up close with the animals, the show was an opportunity to learn about conservation and environmental care, which Zoobic Safari strongly advocates.

Next, we visited the Serpentarium, where we saw king snakes, pythons, and boa constrictors behind glass and in cages. Where else could you see a snake shedding its old skin? The area also houses other cold-blooded creatures like monitor lizards, iguanas, and turtles. We were amazed to see Iggy the iguana change color based on mood and temperature.

Continuing along the trail, we encountered more animals like deer, ostriches, and the albino caribou. The miniature horse was a must-see—so cute! We even bought lettuce leaves to feed giant tortoises, which moved in slow motion. Harry Potter fans would love posing with the magical bird of prey—the owls.

The Only Tiger Safari in the Philippines

Zoobic Safari is renowned for its close interaction with tigers. We eagerly boarded an orange jeep with reinforced steel bars and entered the tiger’s lair with nervous anticipation. Fortunately, the tigers did not pounce on our vehicle, but we could feel their breath as they walked just three feet away from our caged jeep. I felt like a National Geographic wildlife photographer in the midst of the action.

The zoo tour offered us amazing family bonding time and a chance to recharge in the forest. We didn't cover everything, like the Lion Close Encounter and the Croco Loco—a pit with over 200 crocodiles—giving us plenty of reasons to return to the forest of Subic Bay, teeming with exotic wildlife.


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