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After-work chill, at Vintage

Vintage at The Hub, Greenfield District is fast becoming the favorite after-work chill spot, with its cold beer, professionally-crafted   wine list, relaxing music, and fun chow.

Happy hour guests like hanging out at the stylish bar while the diners prefer to stay in the couch area. The restaurant and wine lounge can also serve food and drinks on the second floor. It also has a whiskey bar and a function room for private gatherings.

The unique vibe at Vintage was cooked up by good friends Chef JunJun de Ocampo, Nicky Camcam, and Rolly Romero. The three wanted a place where they could eat, drink wine, and have a pleasant conversation. Most popular bars play loud music. Thus, the relaxing “feel” of jazz and pop hits highlights the nightly Vintage experience. “It’s the music of our generation, and we enjoy it,” explains Chef JunJun de Ocampo, who is also at the helm of the restaurant’s menu line-up. The chef used to work for several establishments like Tamarind Grill, Mandarin Oriental, Chef&Brewer, Richmonde Hotel, and the Bistro Group before he joined his friends to put up Blackwood and Vintage. Both establishments are located in the Greenfield district. 

Vintage offers a diverse menu that caters to both the happy hour and dinner crowds.  They have an interesting mix of tasty appetizers to complement the wines, along with hearty meals to cap a nice evening. 

Those who wish to start with wine and cocktails can check out the Vintage Boards (cheese, bread, and assorted cold cuts) and appetizers like Lengua Salpicao, Truffle Beef and Cheese Nachos, Steamed Chilean Mussels with Tarragon Butter, and many more. 

Dinner guests can ask for the Grilled Pork Shoulder Chops with Truffle Mash, Beef Tripe Callos, Seafood and Chorizo Cioppino, and many more. 

Vintage Restaurant and Wine Lounge is Located at Mayflower St. in Greenfield District, Mandaluyong, Vintage opens at 4 pm daily. 

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