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Ageless beauty through Thermage FLX, now at Avignon Clinic

True to its commitment to bring world class and globally acclaimed aesthetic machines closer to home, Avignon Clinic recently launched Thermage FLX, a game changer in the skin tightening, firming and lifting market that has taken the Philippines by storm.

Avignon Clinic at the Bonifacio Global City, a certified Solta Medical partner, is one of the first clinics in the Philippines to introduce the 4th-generation Thermage machine - the all new Thermage FLX, to help more Filipinos achieve ageless beauty.

Latest Generation, Solid Aesthetic Science

Thermage FLX is the most advanced skin tightening technology available, with each pulse of the machine delivering customized radiofrequency to every inch of the treatment area, followed by a double cryogen cooling effect to ensure patient comfort.

Dr. Reg Llorin, Avignon Clinic Head of Medical Operations, has been using Thermage and its earlier versions for quite some time now. “I’ve personally seen this device grow into this amazing version it is now. Thermage had always found ways to improve itself and the new FLX does not disappoint. Thermage had consistently given my patients that skin tightening and firming they wanted. And with the reduced treatment time, more comfortable treatment experience on top of the amazing lasting results it gives to patients, Thermage FLX is definitely the next big thing in the world medical aesthetics.”

Thermage FLX builds on the improvements made with the prior generation Thermage CPT. It offers better results, quicker and more comfortable treatments because of a new energy delivery algorithm, larger spot size, and improvements in the vibrating hand-piece.

Avignon Clinic Thermage FLX has a bigger intuitive touchscreen and a lighter more ergonomic hand piece. This 4th generation device is now easier to navigate and safer to use.

The Thermage FLX candidate

Fine lines and wrinkles are not the only visible signs of ageing. Our cheeks will start to sag due to bone resorption. This natural loss of bone mass leads to age-related midface volume loss. Production of collagen, the one responsible for skin elasticity, starts to slow down as we age and this is the main culprit of leathery skin.

This treatment is suitable for those who are looking to achieve smoother and tighter skin with less sagging. Women and men who wanted more defined jawline and get rid of their double chin are perfect candidates. Thermage FLX diminishes wrinkles and fine lines around mouth, eyes, forehead and knees. It also helps you combat the signs of ageing or sagging skin on the neck, arms, tummy, thighs or buttocks. In fact, Thermage is applicable to most skin concerns from head to toe.

Immediate results are substantially noticeable right after the treatment and it will continue to improve over three months. Best of all you only need to do Thermage FLX once a year or for some cases even once every two years. This preventive benefit defies aging dramatically and saves so much of your beauty budget.

Avignon Thermage FLX, A Unique Offering

A delicate balance of skin technology, tools and techniques, Avignon Clinic BGC now offers Thermage FLX and added more benefits for the most discriminating clients. Avignon has consistently offered premium treatments competitively, no more ridiculous prices and no more surprise charges. With Avignon Clinic, you can be sure that the dermatologist will adhere to the prescribed protocol, deliver the right number of pulses and most importantly put your welfare first.

“With the new Thermage FLX, patients can expect a faster treatment and a more comfortable experience. The new AccuREP technology embedded in the FLX system ensures optimized RF energy delivery ensuring better, more consistent treatment results, namely immediate and more lasting skin tightening. FLX also provides more comfort to patients. Thermage CPT was already very comfortable but FLX gives patients a more relaxing feel” adds Dr. Reg.

Experience the mark of ageless beauty with Avignon Clinic Thermage FLX.

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