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ASICS Partners With St. Lukes Hospital for Healthcare Week

To jumpstart the Healthcare Week with St. Lukes, we celebrate a full force of unsung heroes risking their lives to help the world heal – our frontliners. As they venture out everyday into the field with uncertainty, they may feel like the whole world is on their shoulders, but they also need to know that the whole world has their back.

To return the care that our frontliners have tirelessly extended towards us, ASICS took this opportunity to show support for them by partnering with St. Luke's Medical Center in Global City. CARE shoes were distributed to the ER staff and doctors. These CARE shoes are lightweight sneakers with neutral cushioning. They help provide the comfort needed for the thousands of steps our healthcare workers take to save thousands of lives.

The recipients were all smiles as they read the inspiring message, unboxed their CARE shoes and quickly put them on, ready for duty.

ASICS will continue their efforts by partnering with hospitals to provide their staff and doctors with their own pairs of CARE shoes, to ensure that our frontliners will never go out of style.

Together, we will keep taking steps forward and #PassYourSmile.

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