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BelleSkin products – a pandemic business opportunity

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Jessa Macaraig has always had the penchant to start businesses that click. She did not allow the months under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) dampen her entrepreneurial spirit. She and her husband Marvin came up with not only a line of soap products but other beauty products as well.

The husband and wife team of Jessa and Marvin Macaraig, the couple behind Belle Skin by The Pretty You.

The line of BelleSkin soaps include SnowBelle, Orabelle and Margarette Intensive Whitening Soap. The top of the line soap is SnowBelle which is contains 12 active ingredients such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, snail extract, aloe vera and gluthatione.

“The soap was formulated considering the type of skin our users have,” Jessa said. “We make sure that it is mild and yet has an intensive glowing effect on our skin.”

The Perfect Pit set

Thanks to a chemist who developed a prominent papaya soap brand, the couple produced the soap on their own with Marvin literally stirring the large vat containing the mixture until it was deemed ready to be cooled down and then poured into the soap molds.

‘We would allow the mixture to cool for one whole day before pouring them into the molds,” Marvin related. “The molds would then be allowed to harden and that usually takes another day. When it is all ready, we would personally wrap each and every piece of soap and then sell them.”

Belle Skin's Glow Lush Set

In addition to their line of soaps, the Macaraig couple also came out with different beauty sets – Dermpeel Set, Perfect Pit Set, Glowlush Set, Primeglow Set and Luxuskin Set – that would not only give customers healthy and glowing skin but also a business opportunity for them.

The Food and Drug certification for BelleSkin’s soap products came out on November 1, 2020, giving the couple the go signal to formally introduce BelleSkin to the market.

“There are opportunities out there even if there is a pandemic and thanks to this, we were able to come up with a line of products that will hopefully be a source of income for everyione,” Jessa said.

For more information on how to get into the BelleSkin business, visit their Facebook page at

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