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BEXCS Logistics Expands Its Reach to Dubai, Aiming to Improve Services for OFWs

PK One General Trading LCC staff together with Ms Reysan Lagunay and MrJassim Mohamed Ahmed Saif (middle).

In a strategic move to extend its global footprint, BEXCS Logistics, led by Marjorey Rubio, recently visited Ajman, Dubai. The purpose of this visit was to study the market and to explore ways to better serve Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the region.

BEXCS Logistics has formed a partnership with PK One General Trading LLC in Dubai, a company under the strong leadership of Mr. Jassim Mohamed Ahmed Saif and Ms.Reysan Lagunay PK One Trading LLC is known for carrying Sarah Skin, a beauty product line that has seen success in Dubai, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, and is now making its mark in the Philippines.

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