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Crown over Crisis

After we free ourselves from the Forced, Modified, General, Enhanced or whatever Community Quarantine, the global economic and health scenario has already been adversely affected. Things have changed. All business strategies and revenue forecasts – up to the office set-ups, manner of transactions and may be employee head count and benefits – must be re-calibrated, if not all our efforts will go to waste.

It is not that we want to sound pessimistic but more on being realistic. The call is not to scare but to prepare. What is more important that being prepared is to be informed.

And when are the vaccines coming? We don’t know. We’re also uncertain if this is the ultimate solution. Why are we vaccinating everyone to totally eradicate COVID-19? I don’t think so. Many think so too, so the drive is to calibrate strategies and seek options to thrive in the new norm.

Wait, let’s manage our stress. Let’s be realistic and a bit more optimistic; it pays to be positive.

Why spend so much energy figuring out the economic impact, business losses and threat to everyone’s health?

Let’s look at the brighter side. After all, your choice is simply to adapt and thrive or give up and walk out, disrupt or disappear.

Here are some tips for you to breathe life with joy, re-create and co-create.

1. Victorious

We are not breaking out. We are passing through, breaking through. “Find opportunities during crisis situations.” That’s what I always tell myself. Yes, it’s always harder than it sounds, and much harder during a global health pandemic that’s been running for months. It’s about our health, something our money can’t buy. But there’s a reason for every season, and just like the rest, this too shall pass.

2. Know your numbers

Take a look at your blessings inventory level. It’s not that bad. Look at the advantages and reflect on little blessings on a daily basis. Re-think and reflect on how this global pandemic has affected you in positive ways.

  • No more wasted time, no more road rage, no traffic-whining.

  • One click and you are on it. Ten meetings a day right at your fingertips using all available platforms.

  • More time for family bonding, cooking, sleeping, exercising

  • Chance to re-discover hidden and re-purpose unused talents.

  • Forced to be humble and patient, faithful and selfless after all the waiting.

  • Better time management from remote work. (I clean the house and do hula hoops while in Zoom calls.)

  • Silence heals. More time means more me time.

Now give yourself a pat on the back for being great and resilient.

3. Better business

Many companies were caught off guard, left helpless and with large losses. While businesses register huge negative impact, and we will be operating at a loss for months or years, there’s the other side of it.

  • · Business leaders are forced to get out of the usual. More firms are expanding into lines they either have thought of before but were busy or too lazy to implement or something that came at the spur of the moment in response to market demands. They have launched advocacy products that are badly needed.

  • Different teams from various cultures are collaborating, thereby being more experimental, responsive and flexible. There’s no way to go but out and up. Together we fight COVID-19 as one.

4. Clarity and equality

  • When we realized that we were paralyzed, the rich and famous, entitled and privileged were not necessarily limitless because money and fame can’t buy them anything. No medical provider, no travel. At the end of the day, we’re interdependent and equal. We can’t be saved by who we are or what we have achieved and how much money we have.

5. Together we care

  • We pick up lessons from the sacrifice of frontliners, departure of loved ones, forced experimentation and investment in risk-mitigating technologies.

  • Leaders become more flexible to bundle and merge ideas, are more willing to cooperate and collaborate to achieve quick wins. These shared resources and collaborative actions bring out innovative solutions.

  • This crisis paved the way to re-purposing, the opportunity to re-assess our value and reasons for existence. Truly, we see light in the darkness, unity in the midst of adversity.

6. Ultimate power

We’re in a battle and it’s not ours, it’s God’s. If and when we internalize what’s written and what’s happening, we can see that these are signs of the end of time.

We should neither wallow in self-pity nor be overwhelmed by fear and doubts but to lift everything up to Him. We don’t have power over the multitude of problems. We do, however, have a God who’s beside us, inside us, before us, at the back of us yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Fast, Seek, Believe, Trust, Worship. Pray for Godly wisdom and guidance.

Yes, there’s tremendous economic shock and burden. But there are as many Lessons, Gifts and Positive changes too.


Welcome to the new normal.

Wellness first. Automate the rest

  1. Remote work. Less commute time;

  2. Better work-life integration. More time with family, friends and colleagues;

  3. Health conscious companies and families;

  4. Socially responsible individuals; and

  5. 5. Intense drive for a safe and healthy workplace.

Emerging businesses

  1. Bigger opportunities for digital products, new business models and formats. Greater demand for robotics, artificial intelligence and all sorts of automation;

  2. There’s a new special consideration for healthcare and boosting of immunity. Wellness on High Priority;

  3. More policies gearing towards business continuity plans and preparedness;

  4. The uncertainty will pave the way for more disruptions and only the most adaptive and “shakers” will survive; and

  5. People are more empowered than corporations so companies will design models and embrace flexible arrangements.

New ways of living and loving.

  1. LIVE the SEED Lifestyle. Stay calm, cool and healthy. Take charge of your immunity. Sleep well. Eat right. Exercise. De-stress.

  2. FORGE SYNERGIES. Don’t agonize and antagonize. Imagine how we can evolve as a person. Let us complement the company’s initiative. This is the best time to re-invent, bring in fresh ideas, discover new talents, explore new things that have never been done before.

  3. CLAIM the GIFTS. Live in the moment. Look beyond crisis and fears. Love, play and laugh. Enjoy “me time” and mediate on the message, not the message of sheer RESILIENCE but RELIANCE. Let us replace fear with faith. God is more powerful than COVID.

  4. Relaunch the NEW YOU. How do you now ensure you’re IN and ON? Simple. Launch the better version of you. Be ready to face the negative consequences and confront pressing matters and generously contribute from the heart. Enough of the complaints, generic speeches and motherhood statements. It’s about adaptability, creativity, flexibility and agility.

  5. SCOUT for alternatives and EXPLORE. As the new norm kicks in, choose to redesign your life. Do what you’re passionate about and don’t vacillate. Be willing to start from the bottom, again. Expand your territories and create your own new playground. Add value to what has been your routine and make life more exciting. Yes, it’s YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

The signs say it all. We are here for a purpose and it’s not to make money but build lives, not to dwell on our own capacity but to claim the crown of victory by relying only on one, mighty creator/ protector/ savior and author of our destiny.

So we submit and do as told, we find meaning by spending more time with Him, listening and obeying, praising, hoping and holding on, revealing our real character, enjoying each day.

So dance your way to a happy life.

Wear your crown. With Him, we have won this battle.

By Carmie De Leon

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